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Björn Lisper


Hello world,

I'm professor in Computer Engineering at School of Innovation, Design, and Technology (IDT), Mälardalen University. My research interests lie in the area of embedded and real-time systems and especially languages and program analysis, where my group specializes in Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) analysis. I also have an old interest in program transformation, functional languages, and data parallel languages, although I don't have any active projects in those areas right now.

I was the coordinator of the EU FP7 STREP ALL-TIMES, I was responsible for the Timing Analysis activity within the Artist-Design Network of Excellence on embedded systems design, and I was the coordinator of the Marie Curie IAPP project APARTS. I was also the Chair of the COST Action IC1202 Timing Analysis on Code Level (TACLe).

I teach a course on functional programming.

This is my personal CV (pdf). Here is our research database info on me (contact info, projects, publications, etc.)

I previously worked at KTH. Here is my old homepage.

The not so Serious Part of this Home Page

A course I used to give at KTH

The best answer ever on a math exam (or, the difference between X and (QUOTE X))

Here's a good sound. Let's freak out!

The joyful song I sing when I read my email.

"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems"
-- P. Erdos

"Fråga inte så mycket! Det är lättare att få förlåtelse än att få tillstånd."
-- Östen Mäkitalo

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Björn Lisper