SDE*5.0/0 README file

3BSE 012 708/-

ABB Industrial Systems AB, May 1997

This README file summarizes the new features, improvements and corrections done in SDE*5.0/0 since release 4.0/0. This file is available online at $SDE_HOME/info/README as a text file and at $SDE_HOME/info/README.html as an HTML document.

Requirements for Running SDE 5.0/0

News in SDE*5.0/0 Removed Functions in SDE*5.0/0

Improvements and Other Changes in SDE*5.0/0

Corrected Errors in SDE*5.0/0
Summary of PMRs

Requirements for Running SDE 5.0/0

We have developed SDE using HP-UX 10.20 on HP9000/700.
The transition links provide special-purpose symbolic links to map 9.0x file and directory names to 10.0 names. When you install HP-UX 10.x transition links are installed by default.
The following tools in SDE 5.0/0 require SoftBench: SDE Control Panel, VersionWorks, CR Manager, System Manager, Project Manager and Product Manager. The reason is that they are interfaced to SoftBench, and require SoftBench runtime libraries.
Both SoftBench version 5.20 and 5.25 are accepted (but if you use 5.25 you also need the patch PHSS_9140).
We have developed and tested SDE on Common Desktop Environment (CDE).
SDE (and HP-UX 10.20) no longer supports HP9000/400.
See  Set up the user environment set up the user environment for installation information.

News in SDE*5.0/0

HP-UX 9.x usage

If you are still using HP-UX 9.x, you must use SDE 4.0/0 instead of SDE 5.0/0. However, both HP-UX 9.x and 10.x users can use /ipa/products/sde/5.0-0/etc/sde.profile. It checks which operating system you are using and calls /ipa/products/sde/4.0-0/etc/sde.profile (and changes SDE_HOME) if necessary.

New RCS Version, and Compatibility with WinSDE

SDE*5.0/0 includes a new version of RCS, RCS 5.7. The same version is used in WinSDE, which means that same RCS files can be used from both SDE and WinSDE. The main difference between RCS 5.7 and the previous version 5.6 is the management of binary files: A new keyword -kb, that denotes a binary file, is introduced. You can now define that a file is binary when you do Create Initial Version. You can also use the rcs -kb command. Another difference between RCS 5.7 and 5.6 is the treatment of Leading Comment. RCS 5.7 takes automatically all text that appears in the front of $Log$ as the leading comment.

If you have mixed SDE 5.0 and 4.0 projects, you need the patch "SDE 4.0-0 PATCH_02" that upgrades RCS in SDE 4.0-0 to RCS 5.7.

Managing Product Structures for Different Platforms

SDE*5.0 has a support for managing products that contain different variants, where each variant can have different versions. A typical example for a variant is a platform or a target. In that case a product version is defined by product/target/version. SDE Product Manager and the underlying command product manage both types of products: product/version and product/target/version.

VersionWorks, Check In/Check Out

The menus in SDE VersionWorks and SoftBench Development Manager have been reorganized and the entries have been renamed. One reason is to make them similar to the menus in WinSDE. Some of these changes were introduced in the prerelease SDE 5.0-0A1, but more changes have been made since then. (Create Initial Version was removed in SDE 5.0-0A1, but is now back in order to support binary files.)

VersionWorks can now show both the versioned files in the RCS library, and the files in the working directory. Select the view you want to see with the radio buttons in the View menu. In the new Working Files View, you can do almost everything that you previously did in SoftBench Development Manager. The Developer Manager is still started together with VersionWorks, but you can avoid it by defining SDE_VERWORK_OPTIONS=-nodm in your .profile.

There are many changes in the RCS menu and the new Show menu. See the SDE-CORE User Interface manual (3BSE003488/C) for details. The dialog boxes for "Check In", "Check Out", "Update Working Directory", "Create Initial Version", "Cancel Check Out", "Show History", "Show Change Log", and "Show Differences" are new. (Previously, SDE used the default dialog boxes inside Development Manager.)

During check-in, the checked-in file can be added to a CR directly in the check-in dialog. This makes it unnecessary to have SDE CR Manager started, if you only used SDE CR Manager to add a file to a CR. Because of this, SDE VersionWorks no longer starts SDE CR Manager automatically.

Show History (in the Show menu) displays a window with all versions of the selected file. From here you can invoke Display File Version, Show Change Log, or Show Differences for selected file versions.

The Search menu contains new search function, for example to search for all unstable files, or to search for files that have not been tagged with a version name.


A new command rcsfind can be used to search a directory structure for versioned files matching a certain criteria. For example, you can search for all locked files in a system configuration. (rcsfind can also be used from VersionWorks' Search menu.)

Removed Functions in SDE*5.0/0

Improvements and Other Changes in SDE*5.0/0

System Manager and System Handling Commands

The menu entries in the Admin menu have been renamed and reorganized. Many dialogs have been improved, especially Clean Up Working Directory, Update Working Directory, and Freeze/Unfreeze.

System delete and system rename now has a new -f option to allow delete/rename of configurations and subsystems in earlier configurations.

CR Manager and CR/PMR Commands

The CR/PMR connection is simplified - it is now easier to find active PMRs and create CRs from them in the Create CR from PMR dialog. When you want to create a CR for a PMR, we recommend that you do it from CR Manager, and not from the PMR system.

For CRs connected to PMRs: the last part of the CR name (e.g. 04 in PMR-97-000001_04) now corresponds to the PMR document with the same sequence number.

The Create PMR Release Action has two new field for specifying revision and patch (as in the PMR system).

Some of the basic commands have been rewritten in C++ to get better performance and reliability.


The cover command is now a C++ program and not a script. It has two new options. The option -all means that all files are checked out, even if they are up-to-date (i.e. the ,v file is older than the working file). The option -n just shows the co commands without executing them (cf. make -n). The -f option now only means that the checkout is done with co -f, i.e. that also writable files may be overwritten. Previously, it also implied (what is now called) -all.

The format of the output messages for cover -t has changed: a relative path and not only the file name is shown for every file that is checked out.

Support for .cxx and .cpp, and aCC

For compatibility with Windows NT, the makefile templates support the suffixes .cpp and .cxx for C++ files. We recommend that .cxx is used for source code intended for both Unix and Windows, and .cpp for Windows-only source code.

The makefile templates have support for the new ANSI C++ compiler aCC.

The makefile templates are now compatible with SoftBench 5.20.


Vaxlog now supports PS2 keyboards.

Support for dtterm in CDE

The command project set and system set now invokes a dtterm if CDE is available (on VUE nodes, e.g a remote HP-UX 9.05, you will still get a hpterm). The command rdtterm has been added to make it possible to create a dtterm in the same way as a hpterm. The command wtitle works both for hpterm and dtterm.


Mangen's make facility (rules.mangen.mkf) has been changed and two templates to better support ABBtemplates and troff format have been added; FuncDescrSWtroff.Chap and RefManualtroff.Chap.

Mifform is changed to take backup copies of the .frm files named .frm.old and .frm.older if the .frm file exists. If no .frm exists the template UsersManual.Chap2 is used as template.

Distributing System Configurations on Different Disks

It is possible to have different configurations of a system located on different disks (PMR SE-96-001262). Some manual adjustments must be done to make this working. For more information see the SDE-CORE Methods manual.


SDE no longer defines FMHOME (FrameMaker's home directory). You must set up it yourself (but you have probably done so already).

FrameMaker support

.fm is now recognized as a FrameMaker suffix. We recommend that you use .fm and not .frm for FrameMaker files for compatibility with Windows NT. Special support for FrameMaker is now included both in Developer Manager and VersionWorks.

Makefile generation

The makefile generation from Softbench is simplified. In Softbench Program Builder you can define include directories in the same way as lib directories. For more information see Getting Started with SDE or Make Usage and Make Structuring documents.


All documents are updated. The following documents are significantly changed: Getting Started with SDE, SDE-CORE User Interface, and Make Usage and Make Structuring.

Corrected Errors in SDE*5.0/0


Check In dialog in prerelease 5.0/0A1.

The Check In dialog did not work if CR handling was disabled.


SDE now defines the environment variable HISTFILE so that Korn shell uses different shell history files for different operating system versions. Previously, the history file got corrupt when you did rlogin between HP-UX 9.x and 10.x machines.

Test of $DT

If the user has "set -u" in .profile, an error message was sometimes issued in sde.profile complaining about an unset DT symbol.

NFS Automount

SDE did not work correctly if NFS automounter was used. SDE can now look for files over NFS using both /nfs and /net.
(PMR SE 95 001639, PMR SE 95 001666)

System Manager and System Handling Commands

Creating a new configuration on HP-UX 10.0 took more than 2 hours, so it has been optimized to go a lot faster. (PMR SE 95 001806)

When an old configuration was deleted (from the System manager or using the "system delete" command), the entry for it in the "master" structure was removed, so that the SDE tools lost track of from which configuration younger configurations once were created. The "master" structure is now kept unchanged. (PMR SE 95 001566)

When a directory tree - typically a system configuration or a project members copy of a system configuration - was renamed either using the rentree command explicitly or using some other SDE function which internally called rentree, error messages like "mv: ./new-dir-name/dirA/dirB/dirC: rename: No such file or directory" could occur, even though the tree was correctly renamed. (PMR SE 95 001315)

CR Manager and CR/PMR Commands

When modifying the description of a CR, and it is very long, you could get "arg list too long" when you were ready with the editing and clicked OK.

When adding files to a CR from CR Manager it is possible to get a message like "nfs/xxxxx/ does not exist in the current context" when you try to change directory. This is corrected to handle both /net and /nfs correctly.

In the "Add File to CR" popup window no CRs are shown. The error occurs when there were many CRs and a long file path. This is corrected. (PMR SE 96 000129)

When a PMR release action is created the action type is incorrectly set to RELZ. This is corrected to set the action type to RELEASE.

Create a CR from PMR no longer fails when the function description includes more than one word. (PMR SE 95 001568)

Create a CR from PMR truncated the title. Now the title field size has changed to 255 characters.

Dialogs with PMR lists now only shows PMR for the current user.

The CR Manager and all CR handling commands can now manage that a system is located somewhere else than in /ipa/systems. (PMR SE 95 001846)

When listing all systems, the resulting output was not correct.

The crcheck command and CR checking from the CR Manager looped when done in a linked configuration (that is, one that has links to RCS libraries in another). (It also looped in a configuration with no RCS libraries, but that should probably be considered to be an incorrect structure.) (PMR SE 95 001804)

When a new configuration was created, using a workstation with HP-UX 10.0, the CRs were not copied. (PMR SE 95 001805)

When one used the CR manager to do something to more than 2 files simultaneously, the CR manager often updated the list in the CR Manager window incorrectly, deleting all lines with changed state and then just writing one single line. (PMR SE 95 001316)


When checking CRs in a linked configuration, crcheck will give warnings about files which are not connected to any CRs. (PMR SE 95 001807)

Crcheck now filters out Obsolete files.

Terminal Window on Remote Host

Terminal window on remote host where rexd was not running did not work, because the terminal window in VersionWorks (and the line commands project set -N and system set -N) used the "on" command, which uses rexd on the remote host. The problem occurred when central system administration banned rexd as being a security hole. SDE now uses "remsh", which does not require rexd, instead of "on".

Project set -N and system set -N now adds hostname to $DISPLAY if it is defined as ":0.0".


The command core dumped when checking in many files. This is corrected.  (PMR 96 000300)


The command showed error messages. This corrected to remove the diagnostic messages from the command. (PMR SE 95 001311)


lnmerge now always copies the files. Hard links are no longer used. This change affects also product merge.


Mangen does not handle underscore characters to underline words anymore. It conflicted with macro definitions. The change is not backward compatible. Use :words: to underline words.  (PMR SE 001667)


rcsinfo -c displayed "*" incorrectly if branches were used. The same in VersionWorks.

Rcsinfo -nr and -ns now gives correct output format (same as for the other options).


Several corrections.

Summary of PMRs

Problems mentioned in the following PMRs have been corrected (many of these corrections were distributed in SDE 4.0/0 PATCH_01):

PMR SE 95 001311     Strange error messages in lntree.
PMR SE 95 001312     .kshrc should need not to have x access to be executed in project set.
PMR SE 95 001315     Rentree may give error messages when it renames a tree.
PMR SE 95 001316     CR Manager does not update the CR list correctly when more than 2 CRs should be updated.
PMR SE 95 001398     Wrong specification of -w option in manual page for the project set command.
PMR SE 95 001430     checkin's -d option (without option value) should change to -D.
PMR SE 95 001566     System delete deletes too much.
PMR SE 95 001568     Create a CR from a PMR goes wrong when the function description includes several words.
PMR SE 95 001639     Project directories that contain but do not start with /nfs/ lead to strange results in Softbench applications.
PMR SE 95 001666     SDE does not work correctly with SoftBench if NFS automounter is used.
PMR SE 95 001667     Underscore char _ to underline words is not good in mangen if _macros_ are used.
PMR SE 95 001668     Problems to distinguish headers and bodytext with mangen.
PMR SE 95 001669     Wrong use of tabulators/tags in nrofftroff.awk to make indents in the final document with mangen.
PMR SE 95 001757     softenv must be removed when SDE version is changed.
PMR SE 95 001804     Crcheck in linked configuration loops when no RCS libraries are found.
PMR SE 95 001805     Copying of CRs does not work on HP-UX 10.0.
PMR SE 95 001806     Creating a new configuration on HP-UX 10.0 takes more than 2 hours.
PMR SE 95 001807     Checking CRs in linked configurations can give a lot of files which are not changed.
PMR SE 95 001846     CR Manager uses /ipa/systems in one place instead of SDE_SYSTEM_DIR.
PMR SE 95 001957     Not unlocking any locked file when creating a new conf.
PMR SE 96 000129     Add File to CR popup dialog shows no CR's.
PMR SE 96 000300     ci core dumps when checking in with star convention.
PMR SE 96 000577     Many problems exist when using mangen with automated makefiles.
PMR SE 96 001072     The file head layout in c_head.skl/c++_head.skl does not fit the style required by mangen.
PMR SE 96 001262     SDE command requires a system to be on one physical harddisc.

Set up the user environment

Each user must call SDE's start-up file (sde.profile), directly or indirectly (through a site-specific start-up file), in his/her personal login file (~/.profile). The following definitions must be included:

export SDE_HOME=/ipa/products/sde/5.0-0
if [ -r $SDE_HOME/etc/sde.profile ]; then
. $SDE_HOME/etc/sde.profile
print "WARNING: SDE profile not found!"

To set up the environment in all CDE processes, the environment must be set up in ~/.dtprofile also. The easiest way to do this is to set the variable DTSOURCEPROFILE=true, to make CDE invoke ~/.profile at login. See the comments within HP's ~/.dtprofile template for more information. This way you don't have to call sde.profile from .dtprofile.

If you previously had important definitions only in ~/.vueprofile, you may need to move them to ~/.profile.