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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 General Information

This document is written as an example, to show the main features of Software Development Environment, SDE.

SDE provides some general tools and methods. This example describes one method to do things. These methods are necessary to adapt for each project, to have that project work in the best way.

There are two kinds of users in an SDE project.

An SDE Project Manager is responsible for the project. He/she creates the project, is the owner of the project structure and can manipulate the project structure. The SDE Project Manager is in this document often called project administrator/system administrator.

An SDE Project Member is a User defined by the project manager. The same user can be assigned as project member in several projects. The SDE Project Member is in this document often called programmer.

The description in this document is divided in two parts, one intended for the SDE Project Manager, and one for the SDE Project Member. Figure 2-1 gives an overview of these different roles, and how they cooperate.

Intended readers:

1.2 Manual Organization

Chapter 2 describes how development in a project goes on over a time period. It is intended for all readers.

Chapter 3 introduces the example used in this document. It is intended for all readers.

Chapter 4 gives an introduction to managing projects, systems and products. It is intended for project and system administrators.

Chapter 5 gives an introduction to working in a project as a "normal" user, the methods described in this chapter must be adapted for each project to work correctly.

1.3 Related Documentation

SDE Overview, 3BSE003485

SDE - CORE User Interface, 3BSE003488

SDE - CORE Methods, 3BSE003486

SDE Reference Manual, 3BSE000825

Make Usage and Makefile Structuring, 3BSE004527

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