checkin - checks files into the RCS library.


      checkin [-cChangeRequest | -CChangeRequest] [-i] [-D] [-ddate] [-lrev]
      [-qrev] [-frev] [-krev] [-rrev] [-xsuffixes] [-mtext] [-Mrev] [-nname]
      [-Nname] [-sstate] [-g grp] [ file...]


      The command checkin imports files into the RCS library. Only the files
      that are writable are checked in. The command corresponds to the menu
      command Check In and Create Initial Version from the Softbench Version
      menu, except that it does not compare the dates on the files.

      file ...  denotes the files to be checked in. A wild card naming my be
      used when specifying files. If no file is specified then all files
      present in the current directory are taken (however not hidden files,
      i.e. files which names start with a dot).

      -cChangeRequest | -CChangeRequest
           Specifies the Change Request to which the files should be
           registered. If the -c option is used then the file name and
           version are registered. If the -C option is specified, then the
           file name and version are registered and the log message is added
           to the CR description. The option -c (or -C) is mandatory when
           the environment variable SDE_CR_CI is set to ON.

      -i   Ask for each file to be checked in.

      -D   Delete the working version of the file after the checkin.

           Uses date for checkin date and time. The date is specified in
           free format (see co(1)). If date is empty, the working file's
           time of last modification is used.

           Lock the deposited version and keep the working version of the
           file for further editing.

           Do not write a log message on the screen.

           Forces a deposit. The new revision is deposited even if it is not
           different from the preceding one.

           Searches the working file for keyword values to determine its
           revision number, creation date, state, and author (see co(1)),
           and assigns these values to the deposited versions, rather than
           computing them locally. It also generates a default login message
           noting the login of the caller and the actual checkin date. The
           extracted keyword values and the default log message may be
           overridden with the options -d, -m, -s, -w, and any option that
           carries a revision number.

           Checks in a revision, releases the corresponding lock.

           Select files specified by the suffixes for RCS files. A nonempty
           suffix matches any pathname ending in the suffix. An empty suffix
           matches any pathname of the form RCS/file or path/RCS/file. The
           -x option can specify a list of suffixes separated by /. For
           example, -x ,v/ specifies two suffixes: ,v and the empty suffix.
           If two or more suffixes are specified, they are tried in order
           when looking for an RCS file; the first one that works is used
           for that file. If no RCS file is found but an RCS file can be
           created, the suffixes are tried in order to determine the new RCS
           file's name. The default for suffixes is installation-dependent;
           normally it is ,v/ for hosts like Unix that permit commas in file
           names, and is empty (i.e. just the empty suffix) for other hosts.

           Store the description of the change into all files checked in.

           Set the modification time on any new working file to be the date
           of the retreived revision. Use this option with care: it can
           confuse make(1).

           Assigns the symbolic name name to the number of the checked-in
           revision. If name is already assigned to another number an error
           message is printed.

           Same as -n, except that it overrides a previous assignment of

           Sets the state of the checked-in revision to the identifier
           state. The default state is Exp.

      -g grp
           Select files that belong to the group grp.


      When the environemnt variable SDE_CR_CI is defined as SDE_CR_CI=ON
      then the option -c or -C is mandatory.




      lsver(1), cover(1), checkout(1), ci(1)


      Ivica Crnkovic, Marco Mohle