checkout - check out files from a RCS library and locks RCS files


      checkout [-i] [-ddate] [-lrev] [-qrev] [ -frev] [-rrev] [-urev] [-kkv]
      [-kkvl] [-kk] [-ko] [-kv] [-xsuffixes] [-prev] [-Mrev] [-sstate] [-
      wlogin] [-O] [-g grp] [ file...]


      The command checkout exports files from a RCS library and copies them
      to the current directory for editing. The corresponding RCS files are
      locked. The command corresponds to the menu command Check Out from the
      Softbench Version menu.

      If the specified file version has the state Obsolete, it will not be
      checked until the -O option is specified.

      file... denotes files to be checked out. A wild card naming may be
      used when specifying files.

      -i   Ask for each check out.

           Retreives the lates revision on the selected branch whose checkin
           date/time is less than or equal to date. The date and time may be
           given in free format (see co(1).

           Update and lock the RCS file. This option should be used when the
           file is going to be modified (-l is always set by default).

           Do not write a log message on the screen.

           Force updating independently of if the file is up to date or not
           (-f is always set by default).

           Retreives the lates revision whose number is less than or equal
           to rev. If rev indicates a branch rather than a revision, the
           lates revision on that branch is retreived. If rev is omitted,
           the latest revision on the default branch is retreived. If rev is
           $, checkout determines the revision number from keyword values in
           the working file. Otherwise, a revision is composed of one or
           more numeric or symbolic fiellds separated by periods.

           same as -r, except that it that it unlocks the retreived revision
           if it was locked by the caller. If rev is omitted, -u retrieves
           the revision locked by the caller, if there is one; otherwise, it
           retreives the lates version on the default branch.

      -O   Checkout even if the version has the state Obsolete.

      -kkv Generate keyword strings using the default form.

           Like -kkv, except that a lockers name is always inserted if the
           given revision is currently locked.

      -kk  Generate only keyword name in keyword strings; omit their values.

      -ko  Generate the old keyword string, present in the working file just
           before it was checked in.

      -kv  Generate only keyword values for keyword strings.

           Use suffixes to characterize RCS files. See checkin() for

           Prints the retreived revision on standard output, rather than
           storing it in the working file.

           Set the modification time on the new working file to be the date
           of the retreived revision. Use this option with care; it can
           confuse make(1).

           Retreives the lates revision on the selected branch whose state
           is set to state.

           Retreives the lates revision on the selected branch which was
           checked in by the user with login name login. If the login is
           omitted, the caller's login is assumed.

      -g grp
           Select files that belong to the group grp.


      checkout -i project*


      lsver(1), cover(1), co(1)


      Ivica Crnkovic, Marco Mohle