cr - description over all cr commands


      cradd [-sstate] [fB-nv] [fB-q] CR file[:ver] ...

      craddf [-sstate] [fB-nv] [fB-q] CR file[:ver] ...

      craddt [-sstate] CR [description]

      crassign owner [CR]

      crcat [-A] [CR ... ]

      crcheck [-w [user]] [-d date] [-r [revs]] [-s state] [-l lockers] [-A]
      [-nt] [-C] [-M] [-D dir] [-help] [-usage] [CR ...]

      crcre [-ffile[:ver],file2[:ver2],...] [-sstate] [-nv] CR "title"

      crdel [-f] CR ...

      cred [-eeditor] [-sstate] CR

      credt [-eeditor] [-sstate] [-ttitle] CR

      crlf [-l][-A]  [-help] [-usage] [CR ...]

      crls [-uuser | -wuser] [-sstate] [-rsymbolic_name] [-ddate] [-ffile]
      [-T[SVANDC]] [-A] [CR ...]

      crmove [-ns state,state] system/configuration

      crremf [-sstate] [-q] CR file[:ver1,ver2,...] ...

      crren oldCR newCR

      crstate state [CR]

      crsymname [-sstate] [-q] [-N]  [-r] [-S] name[:[rev]] CR ...

      crterminate [-c] [-m "message"] [CR...]


      The following CR commands exist:

      cradd register file versions and copy their log messages into a CR

      craddf register files into a CR

      craddt add a text description to a CR

      crassign assigns a CR to a user

      crcat print CRs

      crcheck compare contents of CRs with the changes made in a SDE system

      crcre create a CR

      crdel delete CRs

      cred edit a CR

      credt edit a CR description

      crlf list files specified in CRs

      crls list CRs

      crmove move a CR directory and its included CRs from subsystem to
      under configuration in master

      crremf remove a file from a CR

      crren rename a CR

      crstate change a CR state (compare to rcsstate)

      crsymname set a symbolic name on a CR (compare to rcsname)

      crterminate terminate a CR


      The CR directory is placed in $SDE_SYSTEM/master/.../$SDE_SYSCONF/cr.


      cradd(1) craddf(1) craddt(1) crassign(1) crcat(1) crcheck(1) crcre(1)
      crdel(1) cred(1) credt(1) crlf(1) crls(1) crmove(1) crremf(1) crren(1)
      crstate(1) crsymname(1) crterminate(1)


      Elisabet de Waal