crmanager - SDE CR Manager


      crmanager  [-host contexthost] [-dir contextdirectory] [-subdir


      The command crmanager starts SDE CR Manager, a Motif interface to SDE
      CR (Change Request) handling commands.  SDE CR Manager has the
      following features:

         - it provides a window into the CR directory for a configuration,
         where you can look at and manipulate selected CRs.

         - it provides a window where specified files can be added to a CR.
         This window is automatically displayed during checkin of files, if
         the environment variable SDE_CR_CI=ON, and the crmanager is

      -host contexthost
           Host which contains directory to operate on.

      -dir contextdirectory
           The context directory, i.e. the top of the directory hierarchy.
           The default context is the current directory of the shell ($PWD).
           This context directory should be the same as in SDE VersionWorks,
           to have the messages sent correctly between the applications.
           The context directory is used to find the CR directory.

      -subdir subdirectory
           A subdirectory relative to the context directory. This sets the
           current directory to a subsystem below the context directory.  As
           default, the current directory is same as the context directory
           (see -dir).


      Start the CR Manager from the Softbench Development Manager. The
      context directory is
      Select SDE;SDE CR Manager
      The CR Manager is started with correct context.

      Start the SDE CR Manager from command level, with the same context
      directory as above. You are placed in the correct context in the
      terminal window and have the correct environment set, i.e. correct SDE
      environment variables are  setup. Your current directory can be a
      sub-directory to the context.

      Start the SDE CR Manager from command level, with the same context
      directory as above. You are not placed in the correct context.
      crmanager -dir /nfs/autnfs01/disk5e/ipa/projects/\


      Elisabet de Waal