SDE 5.0

Reference Manual

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 General Information
1.2 Manual Organization
1.3 Intended Audience
1.4 Associated Documents

List of SDE commands

checkcomb checks a merge combination between two RCS libraries
checkin checks files into the RCS library.
checkout check out files from a RCS library and locks RCS files
checktree check protection of directories/files in a directory tree.
chtree change mode, owner or group of a directory tree
ci check in RCS revisions
co check out RCS revisions
concatman Concatenate Manual Page Files
cover check out files from a RCS library
cr description over all cr commands
cradd register file versions and copy their log messages into a CR
craddf register files into a CR
craddt add a text description to a CR
crassign assigns a CR to a user
crcat print CRs 2-36
crcheck compare contents of CRs with the changes made in a SDE system
crcre create a CR
crdel delete CRs
createInternals create internals.mkf for the current system
cred edit a CR
credt edit a CR description
crform print CRs in a FrameMaker format
crlf list files specified in CRs
crls list CRs
crmanager SDE CR Manager
crremf remove files from a CR
crren rename a CR
crstate change a CR state
crsymname define a symbolic name for a CR
crterminate terminate a CR
diff find differences between two files
diff3 find differences between three files
difftree list files that differ in two directory trees
ident identify RCS keyword strings in files
imports list import definitions
indent program for formatting of source code of C and C++ programs.
lnadd Create symbolic links to files placed in another directory.
lnlist show which files are defined as symbolic links
lnmerge ccopy files pointed out by symbolic links
lntree copy a directory tree and make symbolic links to all files
lsver list files and show which are versioned
makeman make manual page from pure text.
manDate modify product/date information in man page file(s)
make GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
mantomif Convert a manual page nroff file to FrameMaker mif format
mfind find file in /ipa/systems or in /ipa/products.
mifform Script to format new mif format files
mkmf make a makefile
mktree create a directory tree
patls list patches present in a product release.
patuninstall uninstall patch to a product release.
pcopy copy files to a product structure
pdcheck check Product Definition file(s)
pmrcre Create pmr from file
pmrlist List information about PMR actions and change request documents.
pmrrel Create Release Activity in PMR
prodm SDE-Product Manager tool
product invoke product commands
project invoke project commands
projm SDE-Project Manager tool
pspec generate Product Specification information
ptool source code printout utility
rcs change RCS file attributes
rcsclean clean up working files
rcscomb Copies selected versions of RCS files.
rcsdiff compare RCS revisions
rcsfreeze freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS
rcsiniw Initiate a RCS directory for new work session.
rcsintro introduction to RCS commands
rcsmerge merge RCS revisions
rcsname define a symbolic name for a version of a RCS file
rcsp delete versions of a file in a RCS library.
rcspurge delete versions of a file in a RCS library.
rcsstate define status for a version of a RCS file
rentree renames a directory tree
rlog print log messages and other information about RCS files
sde SDE Control Panel
splitman Split the mangen manual output for a library
srclines count C and C++ source lines, with and without comments
system invoke system commands
systm SDE-System Manager tool
traverse traverse a directory structure and execute a command
vaxlog create a vt100 terminal window and login on a remote node
verwork SDE VersionWorks
wtitle Write a window title
xdir display a directory tree as a graph using the xtree command.
xgraph Draw a graph on an X11 Display
xtree program for graphical presentation and manipulation of tre structure