makeman - make manual page from pure text.


      makeman [input_file [result_file]]


      makeman is a simple awk-based filter that recognizes uppercase
      headlines and key characters like "-" at the beginning of a line and
      adds formatting directives so that the resulting output file can be
      put in . . ./man1 and used by the man command.  makeman is designed to
      take as input a page from a Framemaker document, like this one, copied
      to a temporary document, with hyphenation then turned off, and saved
      as "Text Only" with "Put a Carriage Return at the End of Each Line".
      makeman prompts for information to put in the man page header.

           Specifies the file from which to read. If input file is not
           specified, makeman will ask for one.

           Specifies the file to write to. If output file is not specified,
           makeman will ask for one. If the file already exists, it will be


      If an option is accompanied by a value, the description must not
      follow on the same line. If it does, makeman will assume that the
      "option value" is part of the description.

      Parameter names and "option values" must be single-word for makeman to
      recognize them. For example, "input_file" is recognized as a parameter
      name, but "input file" is not.

      If an option is immediately followed (without any space) by a value,
      makeman cannot see the difference; both the option and the value will
      be boldface.

      Lines containing boldface or italic text are sometimes truncated by
      the man command on HP-UX.


      makeman myprog.tmp myprog.1

      reads the file myprog.tmp and produces a corresponding manual page
      file myprog.1.


      mangen(1), template(1), Framemaker's "Filterpak" troff filter.


      Mats Medin