mangen  - generate manual entries for library

      mangen [-d] [-n] [-l] [-b] [-f] [-g] chapter file

        file        the file to be processed

        chapter     can be any digit or any of the following
                       chapter                                abbreviations:

        0   con*    conventions     - conventions and overview material
            over*   overview
        1   lib*    libraries       - subroutine library summaries
        2           routines        - individual library routines
        3   task*   task            - tasks and drivers
            tsk*    task
            dr*     drivers
        4   tool*   tools           - Unix development/maintenance tools

      The tool mangen generates the manual files:
            <name>.<chapter#>       manual entry for module
            <name>.<chapter#+1>     manual entries for each routine
                                    if option -l or lib is given

      where <name> is the "root" of the "tail" of the specified  file  (i.e.
      if file="/usr/dave/gronk.c", then name="gronk");

      and <chapter#> is the single  digit  chapter  number  (i.e.  just  the
      specified  chapter  number  if  one  was given, or the number from the
      table below if a chapter name was given). mangen manages  comments  as
      #, % and C/C++-comments.

            -l      flag causes a special library module style manual
                    entry to be created. The manual entry for a library
                    has a specially constructed synopsis section that
                    contains the titles and calling sequence of each
                    routine in the library. Also a separate manual entry
                    is generated for each of the routines in the library.
                    These routine manual entries will be put in a file
                    named xxxLib.2.
            -d      flag causes the intermediate nroff source files to
                    NOT be deleted. These are called "mg.out" and "mgr.out"
                    for the module manual entry and individual routine
                    entries (only if -l option specified), respectively.
                    This option is useful for debugging manual entries
                    that don't look the way you expected.
            -n      flag causes nroff sources not to be deleted, and not
                    to be nroffed either. In this case, "mg.out"
                    (and "mgr.out") will be renamed and copied to their
                    right names
            -b      enables the use of "easy" bold, italic and underline
                    control characters. Single words can be enclosed
                    by #, % or : to make them bold, italic or
                    underlined. E.g. #bold#,
                    %italic% or : underlined :
            -f      flag causes mangen to not separate each routine
                    manual page with formfeeds, when library manuals are
            -s      flag changes the section headings (nroff .SH) to
                    subsection headings (nroff .SS), and adds a section
                    heading (.SH), with the module/function name, at the
                    top of each manual page output.
            -g      flag may be set to generate debug output.

      Specifying the chapter as "lib" automatically selects the -l option.

            % mangen lib /usr/vw/lib/manpage.c

      will create "manpage.2" and "manpageLib.2" in the current directory.

      mangen was originaly developed by  Wind  River  Systems  Inc.   It  is
      further  developed  and  more  features  are  added  by ABB Industrial
      Systems AB, Sweden.

      mantomif(1), mifform(1), splitman(1), concatman(1), mgTemplate(1)

      SEISY/LKSS Ake Bromo, SEISY/LKST Lars Petter Glomsrud, SEISY/LKAA Mats