mantomif - Convert a manual page nroff file to FrameMaker mif format


      mantomif  [-c] [-l] [+l  [<awk-file>]]  [-t]  [+t]  [-h  host]  <infile


         infile             the name of the file you want to convert.

         outfile            the name of the converted file.

         +l awk_file      This option denotes that text layouts, that can
                          be interpreted as indented paragraphs or tagged
                          lists, should be converted to lists in nroff
                          format before these are supplied to the utility
                          program trofftomif. The optional argument
                          awk_file can specify an alternative awk-program
                          file to be used for this conversion. By default
                          option +l is selected, and the awk-file is

         -l               This option cancels the option +l

         +t               This option denotes that tabulation characters
                          (TAB) should be instered, instead of multiple
                          blanks, at even 8 columns. This is done before
                          supplying the text to the utility program
                          trofftomif. By default option +t is selected.

         -t               This option cancels the option +t

         -c               This option enables substitution of scandinavian
                          characters, so they will appear correct in the
                          produced mif-file output.

         -h host          The name of the host that should execute the
                          utility program trofftomif. Default host is
                          read from the environment variable
                          TROFFTOMIF_HOST, or if not set, ws63.


      The mantomif filter converts manual page files in nroff format to  MIF
      (release  3.1) format. The input file is typically the output from the
      tool mangen and the output is a file of the Maker  Interchange  Format
      (mif).  The  input is read from the standard input file and the output
      is written to the standard output file.

      The main conversion is made by the  utility  program  trofftomif,  but
      this  script  performs  some  necessary preparations/filterings of the
      input file before it is supplied  to  the  trofftomif  program.  These
      preparations/filterings are basically:
            1)   convert nicely laid out lists into nroff format lists
                 (can be unselected with option -l).
            2)   substitute multiple blanks with tabulation characters
                 (can be unselected with option -t).
            3)   (selected by option -c) convert special characters:
                    from            to
                    0x140 ()       0x81
                    0x14a ()       0x80
                    0x14c ()       0x85
                    0x144 ()       0x8c
                    0x13a ()       0x8a
                    0x13c ()       0x9a

      Some, not oftenly used, utility  programs  like  trofftomif  are  just
      installed  on  one  host  in  the  network.  The  environment variable
      TROFFTOMIF_HOST or the option -h may control which node should be  the
      host when executing trofftomif.


      To generate one mif format file out of  several  manual  pages  (*.1),
      then use the command:

            cat  *.1  |  mantomif  >  outfile  (Of  course  with  the  right


      mangen(1), mifform(1)


      SEISY/LKSS Ake Bromo