project chmanager - change the manager of a project


      project chmanager project_name new_userid [ new_groupid ]


      The command project chmanager changes the manager of project_name to
      new_userid.  The ownership of the files and directories in the project
      structure (except for the members' structures) is changed, and the
      overview file is updated with information from the passwd file entry
      for the new manager.
      If a new groupid is specified, that groupid is also used in the
      ownership change.  If no groupid is specified, the login group of the
      specified userid is used.




      project chmanager projectA joejohns

      changes projectA to be managed by joejohns in his login group.

      project chmanager BaseProject annec basep

      changes BaseProject to be managed by annec in group basep.


      Only the user who is listed as project manager in the overview file is
      allowed to change project manager. For other users, project chmanager
      will exit with an error message.


      If the user who is listed as project manager in the overview file does
      not have permissions to change the ownership of all files in the
      project, the ownership will be changed only for those files he/she
      does have permission for.  For other files, error messages will be
      issued.  If this happens, ask the user who owns the file(s) to
      transfer the ownership manually using chown.


      project(1), rentree(1), chown(1), chgrp(1)


      Mats Medin