project set - set a project as current project


      project set [-w project_path] [-f] [-t] [-v] [-s] [-n] [-a] [-r] [-u
      userid] [-N node] [-S] [-x command] [project] [subdir]


      The project set command sets an environment for the specified project,
      which means:

      *  Execute the startup file stored in the project's /tools directory.

      *  Set working directory to the user's working directory, as defined
         by the project addmember command.

      *  If subdir is specified and it does not exist in the user's
         directory, it is created. If the subdirectory is named according to
         a system added to the project, an RCS link to the system library is
         created. If -a option is specified then the directory structure
         which correspond to the selected system structure is created. For
         each RCS library in the system, a link named RCS to it is created.

      *  Execute the startup file stored in the member's working directory.

      *  Define the following environment variables:




      *  Optionally create a new terminal window (-t option). Set the
         following prompt for the shell: node:project$

      *  Optionally invokes SDE Control Panel which makes is possible to
         select a tool encapsulated in Softbench (-s option). When SDE
         control Panel is invoked, then the file.B ~/.softenv is created.
         This file includes all current environment variables and
         SDE_PROJECT* and SDE_SYSTEM* variables specified above.

      *  Optionally create a VUE File Manager window (-v option).

           A project to be setup.

           A subdirectory in the working directory of the user.  Usually it
           is a subdirectory where a user works with a system.  If the
           subdirectory has the name of a system added to the project, then
           an RCS link is created to the system library. If -r option is
           defined then the subdirectory in the project root is set up.

      -w[ork_directory] project_path
           Defines a project by path instead of its name.

           Sets the project root directory as curent directory.

      -u[ser] userid
           Sets the working directory of the user specified by userid.

      -f   Executes the command without asking about the parameters.

           Creates a new terminal window.

           Creates a new VUE file manager window.

           Invokes SDE control Panel window. Creates the ~/.softenv file
           that includes currently defined environment variables.

      -S   Creates only the ~/.softenv file that is used by Softbench
           applications. If the same .softenv is already created (i.e. it
           has the same SDE_CONFROOT variable) the new .softenv file is not

           Creates a new process in the same terminal window from which the
           command is invoked.  If options -v -t -s are not specified this
           option is the default one.

      -x command
           Sets up the project and execute the specified command as a sub-
           process. If a new terminal window was required (-t option), then
           the command is executed in the created terminal.

      -a   Creates a working directory structure which corresponds to the
           system structure pointed from the project.

      -N Node
           Creates a terminal window on a remote node Node.


      $ project set ex_proj
      System (or subdirectory in the project user dir) :

      Welcome to the ex_proj project






      p_create(1) p_addsystem(1) p_addwd(1)


      Ivica Crnkovic