project - invoke project commands


      project addmember [-f] [-w] [project] [userid] ["user name"]

      project addsystem [-f] [project] [system]

      project addwd [-f] [-a]-ldir] [-uuserid] [project] [system] [wd_name]

      project create[-f] [project] ["project description"]
      [project_manager_userid] ["project_manager_name"] [project_directory]

      project chmanager project_name new_userid [new_groupid]

      project delete [-i] [ -dpath] [-f] [project]

      project delmember  [-i] [ -dpath] [-f] [project] [userid]

      project delsystem  [-f] [project] [system]

      project info [-m] [-uuserid] [project ... ]

      project lnadd [options] [work_dir]

      project rename [project_name] [new_project_name]

      project set [-uuserid] [-f] [-t] [-v] [-s] [-n] [ -d project_path] [-r]
      [-wworking_directory] [-a] [project] [subdir]

      project terminate [-c] [-d path] [project]


      The following actions are defined:

      project addmember - add a new member to a project
      project addsystem - add a new system to a project
      project addwd - add working directories to a project
      project chmanager - change the manager of a project
      project create - create a new project
      project delet - delete a project
      project delmember - remove a member from a project
      project delsystem - remove a system from a project
      project info - give information about projects
      project lnadd - create symbolic links in a project work structure
      project rename - rename a project
      project set - set working context for a project
      project terminate - terminate a project

      All options and parameters are optional. If required parameters are
      omitted, the commands set default values and prompt for them.  Options
      must be specified before the command parameters and may be specified
      by first significant characters (in most cases by one character).




      p_addmember(1), p_addwd(1), p_addsystem(1), p_chmanager(1),
      p_create(1), p_delete(1), p_delmember(1), p_delsystem(1), p_info(1),
      p_lnadd(1), p_rename(1), p_set(1), p_terminate(1)


      Ivica Crnkovic