ptool - source code printout utility


      ptool [-d device] [-s size] [-r] [-l] [-o output] [-p paper] [-t
      "title"] [files]


      The command ptool provides the user with an ability to print out
      source code files to PostScript printer or to standard output. If no
      files are specified then the standard input is used, i.e. output of
      another command may be piped to ptool. Options to the ptool command
      can be given either on the command line or as environment variables.

      -d device
           Specifies on which device the printout should be done, i.e. a
           printer queue.  The default value is ps. Overrides the PTOOLQUEUE
           environment variable.

      -s size
           Sets the font size to be used at printout. Valid integer values
           are 0..20.  The default value is 7. Overrides the PTOOLFONTSIZE
           environment variable.

      -r   Sets the fontset to be used at printout to ROMAN8. The default
           value is ISOLATIN. Overrides the PTOOLFONTSET environment

      -o output
           Specifies if the output are sent to printer or to standard
           output. Possible values are PRINTER or STDOUT. PRINTER is the
           default. Overrides the PTOOLOUTPUT environment variable. The
           default value is PRINTER.

      -p paper
           Defines the paper size to print on. Possible values are US or
           EUR. US is american A4 size and EUR is european A4 size. EUR is
           the default. Overrides the PTOOLFORMAT environment variable.

      -t "Print Title"
           Defines the header title. The default value is the name of the
           input file and its path. When no input file is specified the
           defaut value is "Standard Input". The option overrides the
           PTOOLTITLE environment variable.

      -l   Specifies landscape printout format.

           Specifies a list of files to be printed by the ptool command.


      PTOOLQUEUE     PostScript printer queue.
      PTOOLFONTSIZE  Font size
      PTOOLFONTSET   Fontset name
      PTOOLOUTPUT    Output device
      PTOOLFORMAT    Paper size
      PTOOLTITLE     Print title when standard input is used


      Make a printout of all files with extension C and H on a directory.
      Print it on device lnr14d_p with font size 14.

          ptool -d lnr14d_p -s 14 *.C *.H

      Set up a default environment and print the files foo.txt and bar.txt.
          export PTOOLFORMAT=US
          export PTOOLOUTPUT=PRINTER
          export PTOOLFONTSIZE=12
          export PTOOLFONTSET=ROMAN8
          export PTOOLQUEUE=lnr14d_p
          ptool foo.txt bar.txt


           This file contains the PostScript code for the page header and
           breaksymbol.  An experienced PostScript programmer can edit this
           file in order to get a customized header and breaksymbol. Be sure
           not to change the procedure names when editing this file.


      Ulf Enarsson, Lars Draws, Ivica Crnkovic, Shaheen Ghasemi