Chapter 1:Introduction

1.1 General Information

Software Development Environment, SDE, is a common platform for software development based on HP-UX workstations.

The SDE environment gives support for project work, with HP-UX Softbench as the main function, but it is still an open environment where you are allowed to add new functions to your environment.

SDE-CORE is a software package for Software Configration Management based on RCS and Make.

SDE-UTIL is a software package that contains different command utilities.

1.2 Manual Organization

This document contains the descriptions of all commands that belong to SDE-CORE and SDE-UTIL.

Chapter 2 contains the descriptions in a form of man pages of all commands in SDE.

1.3 Intended Audience

This reference manual is intended for use by all programmers working with software development and by project managers responsible for the project management. The readers should have some familiarity with the HP-UX operating system.

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