command name - write a command name in bold and a short description of
      the command.


      Write how to invoke the command.


      This template shows how to create a man page. Copy the file
      $SDE_HOME/man/man1/template.1 to your directory and edit it.  Name
      your man page as "command.N" where "command" is the command name,
      maximum 11 characters, and "N" is a number from the following list:
                1  ...  for commands
                2  ...  for functions calls
                3  ...  for computer language libraries
                4  ...  for formats of some files
                5  ...  for miscellaneous facilities
                6  ...  for games
                7  ...  for device special files

      The template lists all the parts of a man page which you may use.  If
      you do not need some parts, delete them.  In order to formate your
      description, you can also use the following commands:

       .B line A
           Make line A bold (if line A includes blanks, enclose line A with
           double quotes).

       .I line A
           Make line A italic (if line A includes blanks, enclose line A
           with double quotes).

       .PP Begin a new paragraph.

       .TP N
           Begin a new paragraph by N characters indent (the default indent
           is 5).

       .br Break a line.

       .RS Increase relative indent.

       .RE Return to the relative indent level.

       .nf No fill. The text is formatted as you write it. Disables fill

       .fi Fill mode. Resets the .nf command. Enables fill mode.

      You have to put these commands on the beginning of a line.

      NOTE : When you use ".B line A" or ".I line A", you get one space in
      the front and in the end of the line A.  If you do not want a space,
      use \fB instead of .B, \fI instead of .I, and use \fP to return to the
      previous font. Actually, it is preferable to use the \fB \fP- and the
      \fI \fP-commands.

           (example)    \fBbold\fP-\fIitalic\fP.

      To get a man page available for the man command, put your edited man
      page in /usr/local/man/manN directory, corresponding to the number "N"
      in the file name.  If you want to modify a man page after invokation,
      you have to remove your formatted man page file which is made in
      /usr/local/man/catN.Z directory ("N" is a same number used in the file

           Write a parameter name in italic. The description of the
           parameter is followed by 5 characters indent from the parameter
           definition line.

      -option value
           Write an option name in bold and an option value in italic. The
           description of the option is followed in the same way as for


      Give examples of the command.


      Write a description of the exit status and error messages of the


      Specify warnings to the issuer of the command.


      List the files related to the command.


      List the directories related to the command.


      List other commands related to the command.


      Describe influences of environment variables on the command.


      Write a name of the author.