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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 General Information

SDE, Software Development Environment, is a platform for software development based on Hewlett-Packard workstations with the HP-UX operating system and SoftBench.

SDE is primarily intended for native C and C++ development on HP-UX, but may be used for other purposes as well. SDE gives, together with SoftBench, comprehensive support for the programming and integration phases of the software life cycle: support for project work, version control and configuration management, change management, and product handling. SDE also includes several utility tools for general use.

SDE's functions for version control and its framework for project work are useful during the complete software life cycle.

This document is recommended for everyone who is interested in SDE. It gives an overview of the main SDE tools, and contains references to related documents.

A related product WinSDE , Software Development Environment for Windows, is intended for programmer's who do develops software on Microsoft Windows NT. WinSDE has the same concepts and functionality as SDE. It can be used stand-alone on Windows NT, or it can co-exist with SDE when the files are shared between Windows NT and HP-UX.

1.2 Equipment Requirements

SDE runs on HP workstations, Series 9000/700. Installation of HP SoftBench is required (C++ or C version).

Note that although SDE is closely connected to SoftBench, SoftBench is not included in the SDE product. You have to order such licenses separately. If you want to use optional software such as FrameMaker, Oracle, TeleUse, etc., this must also be ordered separately.

1.3 SDE Manual Organization

1.3.1 Intended audience for the manuals

The SDE manuals can be read by all programmers doing software development on HP-UX.

However, SDE can be used in many different ways and for different types of projects. This means that the documentation need to cover several possibilities, and on a higher abstraction level than is useful for an individual programmer.

We therefore strongly recommend that each work group develops an own site-specific SDE manual, at least a short introduction for the group members. Each work group should have an SDE responsible person who develops this document, has good knowledge in SDE matters, and can act as a contact person towards us who develop SDE. This person is often also responsible for release handling in the work group.

1.3.2 Reading instructions

The following manuals give more information about the SDE environment:

See also the release notes available online in the file README.

All documentation is also available online in FrameMaker format below $SDE_HOME/doc. The tool SDE Control Panel has a menu item About SDE... in its SDE menu, from which you can access all online documentation.

1.4 Related Documentation

Related documents about Design and Programming Standards can be found in the
IPA Software Development Manual (3BSE000747):

1.5 Release History

Major SDE milestones:

1.6 Product Overview

The SDE environment gives support for project work in software development projects. HP SoftBench is used as a base, and provides C and C++ compiler/linker/debugger and similar programming tools. Other types of development may also be done in an SDE environment.

The SDE product adds the following functionality to HP-UX and SoftBench:

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