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Chapter 3: SDE Software Development Tools

3.1 Configuration Management Tools, SDE-CORE

Configuration Management is a term meaning:

3.1.1 SDE-CORE shell commands

All SDE-CORE functions are available as shell commands that can be used in a a terminal window. They are all documented in the SDE Reference Manual, and on-line as Unix manual pages. The manual page sde_overview contains a list of all SDE commands.

We recommend, however, that you first of all use SDE-CORE's graphical user interface, as described next.

3.1.2 Graphical User Interface to SDE-CORE

SDE-CORE includes several graphical user interface applications, all of them integrated in SoftBench. An SDE menu is also added to SoftBench's Development Manager, with useful SDE-CORE commands.

To start the graphical user interface, use the command:


It will start SDE Control Panel, from which the other tools can be started.

The following tools with graphical user interfaces are provided:

SDE Control Panel

SDE Control Panel is a top-level tool for SDE:

3.2 SDE Utilities

SDE Utilities is a collection of useful Unix utilities:

3.3 SoftBench Tool Integration Framework

SDE works closely together with SoftBench. SoftBench comes in one of two shapes: C/SoftBench or C++/SoftBench. It is possible to upgrade from C/SoftBench to C++/SoftBench.

SoftBench can be described using a "toaster" model:

Fig 3.8 SoftBench Framework

SoftBench is both a general tool integration framework (SoftBench BMS), where e.g. all graphical SDE-CORE applications execute, and a default set of well-integrated programming tools.

These default tools support the edit-compile-debug cycle:

3.4 Documentation and Editing tools

Two editors are recommended for use within SDE: FrameMaker for technical documentation (desktop publishing) and SoftBench Program Editor for programming.

An alternative to SoftBench Program Editor is Gnu Emacs. Gnu Emacs is a powerful editor from Free Software Foundation, Inc. SoftBench may be customized to use Gnu Emacs instead of SoftBench Program Editor (see the instructions in /usr/softbench/emacs/README). Note, however, that SoftBench's Static Analyzer only works well if the standard SoftBench Program Editor is used.

A comprehensive description of FrameMaker and its use together with ABB templates can be found in the binder (from SEISY/LQM)

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