SDE, Software Development Environment, is a platform for software development based on Hewlett-Packard workstations with the HP-UX operating system and SoftBench.

SDE is primarily intended for native C and C++ development on HP-UX, but maybe used for other purposes as well. SDE gives together with SoftBench comprehensive support for the programming and integration phases of the software life cycle: support for project work, configuration management, and product handling.

SDE's functions for version control and its framework for project work are useful during the complete software life cycle.

List of Releases: SDE*5.0/0    Created 97-05-30 - Runs on HP-UX 10.20. Softbench 5.0 or higher is required.

SDE*4.0/0    Created  95-06-20 - Runs on HP-UX 9.05. Softbench 4.0-0 required,
SDE*3.0/2    Created 95-01-26 - Runs on HP-UX 9.0 . Uses Softbench 3.X or Softbench 4.0 ,
SDE*3.0/1    Created 94-05-27  - Runs on HP-UX 9.0 .Uses Softbench 3.X or Softbench B02.00
SDE*3.0/0    Created 94-01-28  - Runs on HP-UX 9.0 .Uses Softbench 3.X or Softbench B02.00
SDE*2.2/0    Created 93-04-05
SDE*2.1/0    Created 92-09-01
SDE*2.0/0    Created 91-11-20
SDE*1.1/0    Created 91-07-05
SDE*1.0/0    Created 91-03-08

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