DocJet User's Manual, 3BSE016751/1

Generating on-line documentation



General Information

DocJet is a tool from Tall Tree Software for documenting C, C++, Visual Basic and Java programs.

DocJet extracts comments from source code and organizes them into documentation. To begin with, using comments as the basis of the produced documentation gives programmers the ability to use familiar tools, such as their program editor, to enter the documentation. Since these comments are put alongside the object which they document, it is easy to maintain consistent documentation.

DocJet can be used for generating different kind of documentation, for example:

Manual Organization

Chapter See Getting Started describes how to comment your code. It is intended for all readers.

Chapter See Document Generation describes how to generate the documentation. It is inteded for the readers that will generate the documentation.

Chapter See Top Document Structure describes an example of a top document structure.

Chapter See Installation describes some things to think about when you install DocJet, and the WinSDE DocJet support.

See Templates contains templates for the different commenting styles.

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