DocJet Installation

Start the DocJet setup.exe and follow the instructions. To have a correct installation you have to be administrator on the PC where you install DocJet.

If you download DocJet from the Tall Tree website (, you can run this version in 30 days to test DocJet.

Additional Installation and Changes

When you install WinSDE, the installation looks for DocJet installation on the local machine.

It is required that DocJet is installed in the local machine for the installation to add the WinSDE DocJet support. If you install DocJet later and want to have the WinSDE DocJet support, you can start the WinSDE installation and just install the DocJet support.

When you install the WinSDE DocJet support, you will get some additional DLLs. They are GetEnv DLL, IDL Comment Map DLL, Afx Hook DLL, and SdeDate DLL. The DLLs are located in the Extensions sub-directory of your DocJet installation. After the installation of the WinSDE DocJet support these DLLs are ready to use.

The WinSDE DocJet support adds the AdvantHTML output format. The output format is located in the Output Formats sub-directory of your DocJet installation.