1 - Introduction

General Information
Manual Organization
Related Documentation

2 - Getting Started

Which files are important to comment
General about Comments
   Comments before Objects
   Comments after Objects
        Function Arguments

   How to comment classes and interfaces
    COM Interfaces and IDL
    General Class Comments
    How to comment functions, methods, operators
        Method Parameters
           Placing comments with declarations or implementations
Visual Basic

   File Header
    Visual Basic Classes, Forms, Modules, and Controls

3 - Document Generation

Create Document Projects for C++ in Developer's Studio
   Files to Include
    COM Interfaces
Manage Document Projects for Visual Basic

   Files to Include
Generated Documentation
   HTML and AdvantHTML Documentation
    HTML Help Documentation
    MSWord Documentation
    MSHelp Documentation
Additional DLLs

   Get Environment Variables
    Afx Hook
    SdeDate DLL
Output Formats

        Start Page for HTML documentation
            Use the variable Home
Default Configuration
Using DocJet from the Command Line
   Editor and AppWizard
    The Generator
    Example of make rule

4 - Top Document Structure

Top Structure

5 - Installation

DocJet Installation
Additional Installation and Changes

A - Templates

   File Header Template
    Class Description
    C/C++ Function/Method
    COM Interfaces in IDL file

Visual Basic
   File Header Template
    Function Template