WinSDE IDE Integration

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IDE Integration tool integrates WinSDE in other Development Tools. After the integration the  most common commands like check in, check out, are available directly from this application. You can also use IDE Integration for uninstalling SDE from these applications.

MS Developer Studio 97/6.0 Integration

After the integration of WinSDE in MS Developer Studio you will get the WinSDE toolbar.

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The WinSDE toolbar includes the following functions:

You can check in/check out the currently active file. You cannot select the project or workspace file directly, but in the check in/out dialog boxes you click on the browse button and select these files.

Note - before you check in a file, you must save it, because check in does not take your working version from MS Developer studio, but a file from the disk.

MS Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 Integration

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Similarly to MS Developer Studio Integration, the following functions are available:

You check in/out the component you select from the Project Explorer Window. When selecting a top level, i.e. the project, you can manage the project file. The group file (containing several projects) is not possible to select from Visual Basic, but you can select in from Check in/out browse function.

If you have changed a file, but not saved it, you will be asked for saving before the check in command executes.

Tornado 1.0 Integration

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From the Tools menu you can invoke the following WinSDE functions:

DocJet 2.x support

The WinSDE DocJet support will be added to your DocJet installation. More information is found in the DocJet Support document.

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