cradd - register file versions and copy their log messages into a CR


      cradd [-sstate] [-nv] [-q] CR file[:ver] ...


      Specify files and their versions in the CR and add their log messages
      to the description part of the CR. The new version of the CR gets the
      Exp state by default. If the CR has the state Term or Rel, file(s)
      cannot be registered.
      By default the files are taken from current subsystem (directory), but
      files in another subsystem can be specified with a relative or
      absolute path.

      CR   The name of a Change Request.

      file[:ver] ...
           The names of files and their versions to be written in the CR. If
           the version number is omitted, then the latest version is taken.
           If a file is already specified in the CR, then only the version
           number is added to the end of line where the file is defined. The
           log message from the specified version is concatenated to the
           description part of the CR.

           Defines the CR state of the new CR version. The default value is
           Exp. If the state is set to Term, the CR is also terminated after
           the file(s) are registered.

      -nv  Register only the file name without any file version.

      -q   Runs the command without any log messages.


      The CR directory is placed in $SDE_SYSTEM/master/.../$SDE_SYSCONF/cr.


      cradd  CR100 x1.c x3.c:1.1


      crcat(1) crcheck(1) crls(1) 


      Ivica Crnkovic, Elisabet de Waal