crcheck - compare contents of CRs with the changes made in a SDE


      crcheck [-w [user]] [-d date] [-r [revs]] [-s state] [-l lockers] [-A]
      [-nt] [-C] [-M] [-D dir] [-help] [-usage] [CR ...]


      List files specified in CRs and files found in the system. Using
      different options, the different files are printed out. The command is
      used for checking if all changes made in the system are registered in

      The format of the output is the follwing:
        file   ver   state   owner   relation   ver:CR ...

        The columns mean:
          file  - file name found in the system, including path from
                configuration level
          ver   - file version found in the system
          state - version state
          owner - owner of the file version
          relation - a character that defines eration between file found
                     in the system and a definition stored in CRs.
                     The following characters are defined:
                     =    The same file version found in the system and
                          the highest version found in the CRs
                     >    The file version in the system is greater
                          than registered version in the CRs
                     <    The file version in the system is less
                          than registered version in the CRs
                     !    The file found in the system is not registered
                          in any CR
                     %    The file is registered in CR, but not found
                          in the system
          ver:CR - Last file version registered in the CR

      CR ...
           Specifies CRs that will be checked. By default all the CRs are
           read. Wildcards can be used when specifying CRs.

      -A   The CRs in all systems should be searched. The CRs in the current
           system are searched first. The option -A can be specified, or the
           environment variable SDE_CRSEARCH can be set to ALL. The
           environment variable SDE_CRSEARCH_FILE points to a file with all
           systems listed. The syntax of SDE_CRSEARCH_FILE is (showed with
              SDE_SYSTEM=sde_system SDE_SYSCONF=2.2-0

      -nt  Search for RCS library only in the specified directory. By
           default the complete tree is processed. If the option is used
           without -D, the current directory is searched.

      -w [user]
           Search for versioned files owned by the user.

      -s state
           Search for versioned files with the status state.

      -d date
           Search for file versions created in a relation to a date. For
           more information see the checkin command.

      -l [lockers]
           Search for locked files.

      -r [revs]
           Search for specified versions of files.

      -C   Display files specified in the CRs but missing in the system.

      -M   Display files with mismatch in file versions compared to versions
           specified in CRs, or files that are missing in the CRs.

      -D dir
           Define the search path. By default the system configuration, i.e.
           /ipa/systems/$SDE_SYSTEM/$SDE_SYSCONF is taken. The path must be
           defined within the current system configuration.

           Gives help information about the command.

           Gives information about options to the command.


      The CR directory is placed in $SDE_SYSTEM/master/.../$SDE_SYSCONF/cr.
      The environment variable SDE_CRSEARCH can be set to ALL, to search all
      The SDE_CRSEARCH_FILE environment variable points to a file with all
      systems/configurations included.


          crcheck                 # show information about all files
                                        # in the system configuration,
                                        # compared to all files defined
                                        # in CRs

          crcheck -C              # show files specified in CRs
                                        # but not found in the directory
                                        # tree

          crcheck -M -w           # show my files that are not
                                        # properly specified in the CRs

          crcheck  CR-info        # show if CR-info has correctly
                                        # defined file versions.


      crcat(1), crls(1) 


      Ivica Crnkovic, Elisabet de Waal