lsver - list files and show which are versioned


      lsver [-r] [name ...]


      The command lsver shows files in the same way as ls command and in
      addition it gives information about if files are writable or readonly,
      and if there exist corresponding RCS files in the RCS library. If for
      a file a RCS file is found, then the text Ver denotes it. Date of the
      file with the date of the RCS file is compared. If the exported file
      is older then the RCS file, then the text old is displayed, otherwise
      the texts up-to-date or new are shown. The text old means that there
      exists a newer version of the file in the RCS library which should be
      check out. The up-to-date denots that the RCS library has not been
      changed after the ckeck out. The new text shows that a new working
      version of the file exist.

      name denotes a directory or a file. A wild card naming my be used in
           exactly the same way as for the ls command. If no name is
           specified then the current directory is listed.

      -r   lists all the subdirectories (corresponding to the ls -R option).


      RCS                       dir
      get_param                 -   Ver  up-to-date
      ipa_structure             -   Ver  up-to-date
      lsver                     w   Ver  new
      project                   -   Ver  up-to-date              -   Ver  up-to-date
      project_add_member        w   Ver  new
      project_add_system        w   Ver  new    -   Ver  up-to-date    -   Ver  up-to-date
      project_addwd             -   Ver  up-to-date
      project_create            w   Ver  new       -   Ver  up-to-date
      project_delete            -   Ver  up-to-date
      project_delete_member     -   Ver  up-to-date
      project_delete_system     -   Ver  up-to-date


      ls(11), rcs(1)


      Ivica Crnkovic