WinSDE Line Commands

WinSDE includes line commands which can be used from the Command prompt or from a command file (bat or script). In addition to the line commands there are Windows applications which also can be invoked from the Command Prompt or from other applications.

The following groups of commands are present in WinSDE:

RCS Manual Pages
rcsintro  Introduction to RCS 
ci  check in RCS revisions 
co  check out RCS revisions 
rcs  change RCS file attributes 
rcsclean  clean up working files 
rcsdiff  compare RCS revisions 
rcsfreeze  freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS 
rcsmerge  merge RCS revisions 
rlog  print log messages and other information about RCS files 
ident  identify RCS keyword strings in files 
diff  find differences between two files 
diff3  find differences between three files 
WinSDE RCS Line Commands
cover  check out files from a RCS library 
rcsinfo  provide information about RCS library
lsver  list files and show which are versioned
rcsfind search a directory tree for RCS files matching some criteria
rcsname  define a symbolic name for a version of a RCS file
WinSDE CR line commands
cradd  register file versions and copy their log messages into a CR 
crcat  print CRs 
crcheck  compare contents of CRs with the changes made in a SDE system 
crls  list CRs 
Other WinSDE commands
systemNewconf  create a new system configuration 
rcstree copy or update directory tree structure with RCS links
pcopy  copy files to a product structure 
cpp the C language preprocessor  (used by pcopy)
ptool format a text file to a proscript and print it
CreateTopJet create Top html document for html files created by DocJet
TopJetPublish publish DocJet html documents

 WinSDE Win32 Applications  

Application   Command  
WinSDE System Manager   systm
WinSDE Project Manager   projm
WinSDE VersionWorks   verwork [session] [subsystem]
WinSDE CR Manager   crmanager [session]
Print Tool   wptool
Check In   checkin [file]
Check Out   checkout [file]
Create Initial Version   createinit [file]
Update Project   projstruct [-e excludeDir] [-u] [SourceDir DestDir]
Version History   rcshist path [file file ...]
TopJet TopJet [-h][-c n] rootDir projFile template topFile 


Unix Line Commands

To be able to execute them, you must add WINSDE_HOME\bin\unix path to the PATH variable, where WINSDE_HOME is the path of the WinSDE root. The bash shell, which is compatible with korn shell, is included in the directory. You can also find the following commands:

awk du m4 rmdir true
basename echo makeinfo sdiff tty
bash env mkdir sed uname
cat false mkgroup sleep users
chgrp find mknod sort wc
chmod grep mv split who
chown groups od whoami xargs
cmp head paste sum yes
cp hostname pr sync
cut id printenv tail
cygwin kill printf tee
date ln ps test
dd locate pwd time
dir logname stty touch
dirname ls rm tr