rcsname - define a symbolic name for a version of a RCS file


      rcsname [options] name [files]


      The command rcsname defines symbolic names for a version of a RCS
      file. Each version of a file may have several symbolic names, but two
      versions of the same file can not have the same symbolic name.

           Associate the symbolic name name with the branch or version rev.
           Print an error message if name is already associated with another
           number. Delete the symbolic name if -r is specified and both :
           and rev are omitted. If rev is symbolic, it is expanded before
           association. A rev consisting of a branch number followed by a
           "."stands for the current latest version in the branch. A : with
           an empty rev stands for the current latest version on the default
           branch, normally the trunk. That is also the case if just a name
           is specified.

           Specifies files which attribututes should be changed. If no file
           is specified then all the files placed in the RCS library are
           looked for, i.e. the default value for files is RCS/*.

      -q   Quiet mode. Diagnostics are not printed.

      -N   Override any previous assignment of name.

      -r   Remove symbolic name associated with a branch or version.

      -s state
           Write symbolic names on the latest versions that have a status

      -S   If the latest version of the file has the state Obsolete, do not
           set name.

      -g grp
           Change attributes for all files belonging to the group grp.

      -x suffixes
           Use suffixes to characterize RCS files. See checkin for details.


      rcsname R2_0_0:

      defines the symbolic name R2_0_0 to the latest versions of files.

      rcsname  -s Stable,Unchanged -S R3_01

      defines the symbilic name R3_0_1 to the files having the state Stable
      or Unchanged but all files which latest versions have the state


      s_rcsname(1), rcs(1)


      Ivica Crnkovic, Elisabet de Waal