WinSDE Project Manager

This document is intended for Configuration Managers.

WinSDE Project Manager shows projects placed under the common root and makes it possible to administrate them. An SDE projects contains project members and SDE systems.   The default values of the SDE projects root and SDE systems root can be changed in WinSDE Project Manager and WinSDE System Manager applications. Project members have their working directories placed under the project. SDE Systems can be placed directly under the project or under another structure. In the second case the SDE systems used in a project are only defined as links to the systems.

Here follows a list of some of the functions available in Project Manager:

Create a Project

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When you create an SDE project you create some directories that you are the owner of. The specified project is created directly under the project root. You can select what type of project you want to create. WinSDE normally uses "SDE" project type.

Each SDE project has members, systems and info directories. When you create a project, you automatically become a project member.

Add a Member to a Project

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To enable a user to work in the project you must add him/her as a project member. Each project member gets his/her project home directory. When you define a user, you have to specify his/her login user identity.

Add a System to a Project

You define which SDE systems and configurations will be accessible from the project by adding a system or a configuration in the project.

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You get a list of all systems placed under the common root directory. You can select a system, or a configuration that will be registered to your project. If you chose just a system, then all configurations will be visible from the project. If you select both a system and a configuration, only the selected configuration will be visible from the project.

Removing Projects and Parts of Projects

You can remove an entire project or some parts of it. For example, you can remove a reference to a system. You can also remove a member. Note - you must have Windows NT right access to the member's working structure if you want to remove it too.

Define Project Type

In addition to members and info directories, the SDE project includes some directories like doc, systems, tools. You can also define other types of projects and save the new definitions.

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