WinSDE 1.2-0 Documentation

WinSDE 1.2-0 includes the following documents:

www.gif (1112 bytes) Readme File  - Relese notes and an overview of the changes in the release.

www.gif (1112 bytes) WinSDE Overview   - an overview of all applications and commands and a breif description of development process supported by WinSDE.

pdf.gif (990 bytes)  Getting  Started with WinSDE - The document includes an example, to show the main features of Software Development Environment for Windows, WinSDE. The example in this document describes one method for the development cycle: project start, working in the project, system integration, etc.

pdf.gif (990 bytes)  WinSDE Project Settings in Developer Studio - The document describes a tool added to MS Visual Studio that manages external references other components, like include files or libraries.

C++ Style Guide:                    www.gif (1112 bytes)   HTML format and pdf.gif (990 bytes) PDF format

Visual Basic Style Guide:      www.gif (1112 bytes) HTML format  and pdf.gif (990 bytes) PDF format

Java Style Guide:                   www.gif (1112 bytes) HTML format  and pdf.gif (990 bytes) PDF format

DocJet Support:                      www.gif (1112 bytes) HTML format and pdf.gif (990 bytes) PDF format