Latest change Jan 19, 2021

Teachers, Contact Info, General Information

Course leader: Björn Lisper
Email: bjorn.lisper (at), lisper (at)
Phone (MDH): 021-151709
Office: room U1-091, IDT (Rosenhill, 1st floor)

I'm best reached via mail. When the department is open you can feel free to drop in if I'm in office (I'll simply throw you out if I'm busy), but often I'm out on different missions. (In particular, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I work almost exclusively from home.)

Course assistant: Jean Malm
Email: jean.malm (at)
Phone (MDH): N/A
Office: U1-084a

Lab assistant: Philip Rautell Lindstedt
Email: philip.rautell.lindstedt (at)
Phone (MDH): N/A
Office: N/A

Functional Programming with F# is a basic level (G1F) course in Computer Science (datavetenskap) that is given by the School of Innovation, Design, and Engineering (IDT) at Mälardalen University. It yields 7.5 hp.

Here is the course plan. We have also set up a course place in Canvas, where we will put a link that points to the web page for the course. (This web page is the main source of information about the course.)

Björn Lisper
bjorn.lisper (at)