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Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos

IEEE Senior member
ACM Member
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Active Projects

Funding agency   Project    
SSF logo   FiC logo   Future factories in the Cloud (SSF - Swedish Foundation For Strategic Research)
EU logo   FORA logo   Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation (FORA) (EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 764785)
KKS   ARRAY   Automation Region Research Academy (KK-stiftelsen)
KKS   FIESTA   Federated Choreography of an Integrated Embedded Systems Software Architecture (KK-stiftelsen)
KKS   SACSys   Safe and Secure Adaptive Collaborative Systems (KK-stiftelsen)
VINNOVA   GREENER   Intelligent energy management in connected construction sites (VINNOVA, FFI)
VR   PSI   Pervasive Self-Optimizing Computing Infrastructures (PSI) (Swedish Research Council VR)
SSF logo   FuturAS   Future Generation Automation Systems (FuturAS) (SSF - Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)

Past Projects

PhD Students (alphabetical order)

  1. Daniel Bujosa Mateu
  2. Anna Friebe (VR)
  3. Bjarne Johansson (@ABB Industrial Automation Control Technologies) (ARRAY)
  4. Anders Lager (@ABB Robotics) (ARRAY)
  5. Branko Miloradović (Main supervisor)
  6. Mahdi Momeni Kelageri (@Skanska) (ARRAY)
  7. Niklas Persson (Main supervisor)
  8. Shaik Salman (@ABB Robotics) (FORA)
  9. Vaclav Struhar (FORA)

Former PhD Students

Research topics

Robotics, Multiagent Systems, and Automation for Industry 4.0

My research focuses on the design of collaborative and cooperative robots, with a focus on Task Planning, Multiagent interaction, and Reactive control. The classical research in the robotics domain is also complemented with the integration of the computation and communication infrastructure, including Fog computing and Industrial IoT.

Selected publications

Control of computing systems

My research mostly focuses on developing new methodologies and tools for the design and the implementation of next generation computing systems. In particular, I am particularly interested in the modeling and control of computing systems in different areas of computer science.

Cloud computing, Internet of Things, and Data Streaming

My research in cloud computing focuses mostly on resource allocation problems, with a specific attention to vertical and horizontal elasticity. More recently, I started working also on IoT for industrial cloud, and data streaming

Selected publications

Main collaborators

Self-Adaptive Systems

My research on Self-Adaptive Systems focuses on the definition of automatized procedures in order to design and control software systems in presence of uncertain environments with the use of control theory.

Selected publications

Main collaborators

Wireless Sensor Networks and Real-Time Systems

The main focus of my research is the design and implementation of predictable systems. On Wireless Sensor Networks, I have worked on clock synchronization schemes and delay compensation algorithms based on control theory. More in general, on Real-Time Systems, I have worked on the design of feedback-based scheduling algorithms.

Selected publications

Main collaborators

Robotics in Construction

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