Bachelor and Master Theses

You can find below a list of suggestions proposed by our researchers at IDT.
Important 1: The suggestion described below are not pre-approved thesis proposals. They cannot be attached as is in the application to start. After discussions with the contact person (generally the supervisor), the suggestion needs to be enhanced and converted to a thesis proposal. See FAQ and p13-15 on slides (p13-15) for details on what the proposal should contain.
Important 2: If you select a suggestion from this list, make sure you that the suggestion is in line with your program and your level. In case of doubt, contact your program coordinator.
Level A = Theses at advanced level: Master 1-year, Master 2-years and civilingenjör
Level B = Theses at basic level: bachelor and högskoleingenjör

Available theses

2018-03-01Developing Information Models to support Systems EngineeringJagadish SuryadevaraComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systemsAdvanced
2017-11-14A Decision Support System for medical diagnosis using Data Mining and Machine LearningMobyen Uddin AhmedComputer scienceAdvanced
2018-09-18Automatic derivation of data flow graphs from software models for parallel executionFederico CiccozziSoftware engineering,Embedded systemsAdvanced
2018-09-18Towards an Eclipse Modelling Environment for LLVMFederico CiccozziSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-09-27Data and control flow analysis for industrial systems developed in IEC 61499Jan CarlsonComputer science,Software engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-15Deep Learning based Eye Tracking and Head Movement DetectionMobyen Uddin Ahmed, Hamidur RahmanComputer science,Embedded systems,RoboticsBasic/Advanced
2018-10-15Smart Mirror to monitor Health Status using Biological SignalsHamidur RahmanComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2017-11-14An intelligent system for driver cognitive load detection using eye tracking dataShaibal BaruaComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2017-11-07Data-driven cognitive load classification system using machine-learning algorithmShaibal BaruaComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2018-10-10Master Thesis: A mapping study on MDE adoption effects in industry (2 students)Antonio CicchettiSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-01-04Evaluating an Industrial Internet of Things Protocol in the Fog and CloudMaryam VahabiComputer network engineeringBasic
2018-09-18A configurable slider for enhanced model understandingFederico CiccozziComputer science,Software engineeringBasic/Advanced
2017-11-14Activity monitoring in daily life using Shimmer sensingMobyen Uddin AhmedComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2018-05-30Developing Simulation Models of Data Center InfrastructureNing XiongEmbedded systemsAdvanced
2017-10-25Combining Runtime Verification and Automated Test Generation for PLC Embedded SoftwareEduard Paul EnoiuComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systemsBasic/Advanced
2018-09-27Model-level timing analysis for UML-RT capsulesJan CarlsonComputer science,Software engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-10Generation of Mutants for Testing Execution TimeMehrdad SaadatmandComputer science,Software engineeringAdvanced
2017-10-30SDN Controllers in Smart FactoryMaryam VahabiComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,RoboticsAdvanced
2018-10-01Simulated testbed for platooning applicationAli BaladorBasic/Advanced
2018-10-01LTE D2D technology for platooning applicationsAli BaladorBasic/Advanced
2018-10-01Wireless communication systems for underground minesAli BaladorRoboticsBasic/Advanced
2017-10-25An Evaluation of Model-based Testing in Industrial Practice: From System Modelling to Test GenerationEduard Paul Enoiu, Jagadish SuryadevaraSoftware engineering,Embedded systemsAdvanced
2017-10-25Modeling Product Line Variability in the Rail Vehicle DomainEduard Paul EnoiuComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systemsAdvanced
2017-11-06Robotic waste bin emptying in an office environmentMikael EkströmRoboticsAdvanced
2018-10-01Use of service choreography principles in the context of systems of systems with focus on safety and security - a mapping studyAida Causevic, Elena LisovaSoftware engineeringBasic/Advanced
2018-01-04Design and Evaluate a Multi-Radio Sensor NetworkHossein FotouhiComputer network engineeringBasic
2018-01-15Generic case based recommender module using AI and machine learningPeter Funkej valt
2018-01-29Efficient time-series storage for enabling IoT device intelligenceDag NyströmComputer scienceBasic
2018-02-19Data-driven actors modelling for road transportationMobyen Uddin AhmedComputer science,Embedded systemsBasic/Advanced
2018-03-06Data-driven Modelling on Powered Two Wheelers using Machine LearningMobyen Uddin Ahmedej valt
2018-01-07Övergången från traditionella nätverk till software-defined accessComputer network engineeringBasic
2018-03-18Load Balancing Workloads Through DRAM Bank PartitioningJakob DanielssonComputer scienceBasic
2018-06-04Fitness approximation in expensive optimization problemsNing XiongAdvanced
2018-06-20State-Of-The-Art on eHealth@home System ArchitecturesHossein Fotouhi, Maryam VahabiComputer network engineeringBasic/Advanced
2018-08-29A systematic review on theoretical aspects of k-nearest neighbour algorithmShaibal BaruaComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2018-09-03Energy Efficient Designing a Multi-task Deep Neural Network for Embedded SyetemsLars-Olof GustafssonComputer scienceAdvanced
2018-09-03Efficient Implementation of Ternary Neural Networks on FPGALars-Olof GustafssonEmbedded systemsAdvanced
2018-09-05Developing the First Carbon Footprint Indicator for Multi-modal TransportLars-Olof GustafssonComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,Aeronautics,RoboticsAdvanced
2018-09-05Development of the First of its Kind Public Transport Crowdedness IndicatorLars-Olof GustafssonComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,Aeronautics,Computer network engineering,RoboticsAdvanced
2018-09-06Deep learning to classify driving events using GPS dataMobyen Uddin Ahmed, Catharina BexanderComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2018-09-01Utveckling av nya landningssystem och deras effekt på små trafikflygplatser ur olika processperspektivKjell-Åke BrorssonAeronauticsBasic
2018-10-02Applicability study of system architectures in discrete manufacturing domainMohammad AshjaeiComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,RoboticsAdvanced
2018-10-02Performance Study and Analysis of Time Sensitive NetworkingMohammad AshjaeiComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systemsAdvanced
2018-10-02Networked Embedded System Simulation EvaluationsAli BaladorBasic/Advanced
2018-10-04Identifying gaps in the Time Sensitive Networking Research TopicsMohammad AshjaeiSoftware engineering,Embedded systemsAdvanced
2018-10-04Software Engineering, Embedded System Development and Software TestingEduard Paul EnoiuComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systemsej valt
2018-10-04Impact of using cloud-based SDN controllers on the network performanceMohammad Ashjaei, Svetlana GirsComputer network engineeringBasic
2018-10-04Extending Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with security constructsMohammad Ashjaei, Elena LisovaComputer scienceBasic/Advanced
2018-10-04Optimising Inter-core Data-Propagation Delays in Multi-core Vehicular Embedded SystemsSaad MubeenEmbedded systemsAdvanced
2018-10-01Eliciting correlations between components selection decision cases in software architectingAntonio CicchettiSoftware engineeringBasic
2018-10-15Remote monitoring of physiological parameters using facial imagesHamidur RahmanComputer scienceAdvanced
2018-10-12Improved testing using real and simulated systemsAlessandro Papadopoulos, Eduard Paul EnoiuComputer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,RoboticsAdvanced
2018-10-24A dependency model for combined use of SysML and SimulinkJan Carlson, Federico Ciccozzi, Antonio CicchettiSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-24Automatic validation of SysML modelsJan Carlson, Federico Ciccozzi, Antonio Cicchetti, Robbert JongelingSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25Extending Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with security constructsMohammad Ashjaei, Elena LisovaEmbedded systems, Software engineeringAdvanced, Basic
2018-10-25Modeling and analysis of security implications in safety-critical systems using the Rebeca toolElena Lisova, Aida CausevicSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25Architecture Modelling and Analysis for a Train Control Management SystemEduard Enoiu and Jan CarlsonSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25A consistency model for modelsRobbert Jongeling, Jan Carlson, Federico Ciccozzi, Antonio CicchettiSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25An Industrial Evaluation of Model Based Testing on Industrial Embedded SoftwareEduard Paul EnoiuEmbedded systems, Software engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25Using Classification Trees for Testing Embedded SystemsEduard Enoiu, Jan CarlsonEmbedded systems, Software engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25Mapping UML diagrams to the Reactive Object Language (Rebeca)Antonio CicchettiSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-10-25An Autonomous Software Application on a Heterogeneous System Architecture Platform for Autonomous Wheel LoadersNandinbaatar TsogEmbedded systemsAdvanced
2018-10-26Response Time Analysis for PLC-based Safety-Critical Control ProgramsMahshid Helali MoghadamSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-11-14Big data analysis of multi-parameters of continuous casting processNing XiongComputer science, Embedded systems, RoboticsAdvanced
2018-11-14Big data analysis of multi-parameters of continuous casting processNing XiongComputer science, Embedded systems, RoboticsAdvanced
2018-11-16Model transformation between system architecture modelling languagesAntonio Cicchetti and Jan CarlsonSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-12-03Formal specification of timing requirements in vehicular industryBjörn Lisper, bjorn.lisper@mdh.seComputer science, Embedded systemsAdvanced
2018-12-07A Taxonomy of Safety Related Challenges in Using Autonomous Systems in Safety-Critical ApplicationsElena Lisova, Irfan SljivoSoftware engineeringAdvanced
2018-12-20Industry 4.0 - Machine Learning for Industrial Assembly Shaibal Barua (, Shahina Begum ( science, RoboticsAdvanced, Basic
2019-01-09Literature Review of Argumentation Languages in the Context of Safety-critical Systems Assessment Faiz UL MuramSoftware engineeringAdvanced