Title: Automatic derivation of data flow graphs from software models for parallel execution
Subject: Software engineering,Embedded systems
Level: Advanced
Description: In model-driven software engineering, the focus is shifted from programming to modelling, thus from code to models. Code is then automatically generated from models. In order to properly generated code to run on parallel platforms, models need to be analyzed and code generators to be properly instructed. One of the crucial analyses is data flow analysis of the model behaviour.

In this thesis, the student(s) will provide a theory and implementation of a mechanism for automatically deriving data flow graphs from software models described in UML in order to identify independent branches to be potentially run in parallel.
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End date:
Prerequisites: (1) Knowledge of Eclipse;
(2) Knowledge of UML is valuable;
(3) Knowledge of the basics in multithreading/parallelism is valuable.
IDT supervisors: Federico Ciccozzi
Examiner: Jan Carlson
Company contact: Alten Sweden Detlef Scholle