Title: Towards an Eclipse Modelling Environment for LLVM
Subject: Software engineering
Level: Advanced
Description: LLVM is a well-established compiling infrastructure, which allows to both exploit existing compilers and design brand new ones. In model-driven software engineering, the focus is shifted from programming to modelling, thus from code to models. Code is then automatically generated from models. A de-facto standard platform for software modelling is currently represented by Eclipse.
Towards the establishment of an LLVM model compiler, a first step is represented by bridging the Eclipse modelling environment and the LLVM compiling infrastructure. In this thesis, the student(s) will investigate existing solutions, identify needs, and build a prototype implementation of a textual model editor for the LLVM intermediate representation language in Eclipse.
Start date:
End date:
Prerequisites: (1) Experience with Eclipse; (3) Experience with language grammars, Xtext, LLVM and its intermediate representation language is favorable
IDT supervisors: Federico Ciccozzi
Examiner: Björn Lisper
Company contact: Alten Sweden Detlef Scholle