Title: Data and control flow analysis for industrial systems developed in IEC 61499
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering
Level: Advanced
Description: IEC 61499 is an industrial standard defining a high-level, partly graphical, language for development of industrial control systems. Applications can be defined as collections of interconnected function blocks that, in turn, can be defined by smaller function blocks or by a special type of state machines.

In our previous research, we have developed a new method to analyse control dependencies in systems implemented in IEC 61499, i.e., the different ways in which function blocks can trigger each other to execute. Moreover, an initial version of a corresponding analysis of data dependencies has been developed.

The goal of this thesis project will be to i) further improve the data dependency analysis to correctly handle for example variables in transition guards; and ii) develop a new method for combined control and data flow analysis. The developed analysis algorithms should be formally defined and then implemented as a plugin for the open source development environment 4DIAC. Finally, the implementation should be used to validate the developed analysis in a small case study on a suitable system.
Start date:
End date:
Prerequisites: Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge in model- and component based software engineering

  • Good understanding of theoretical aspects of computer science, including algorithm construction and discrete mathematics

  • Java

In addition, knowledge in the following areas are very valuable, although not strictly required:

  • Eclipse development (in particular developing Eclipse plug-ins)

  • Knowledge in embedded and real-time systems is also valuable

IDT supervisors: Jan Carlson
Comments: Primarily intended as a 30 ECTS thesis at the two-year master level, but it could possibly be adjusted to a 15 ECTS thesis at one-year master level.