Title: Developing Simulation Models of Data Center Infrastructure
Subject: Embedded systems
Level: Advanced
Description: Data centers are large energy consumers with over 35% of energy used for cooling of IT facilities. Energy efficiency is an important issue for data centers. The data center infrastructure modeling and operation simulation are one approach to investigate energy saving potential. The tasks of this thesis work are to program, implement and simulate data center infrastructure models in MATLAB/MATLAB Designer to coordinate, data center IT system, cooling system, power devices and power supply. Modeling and simulation work will focus on power consumptions and interactions among subsystems. The simulation
models will be used for optimal operation of data centers as industrial processes with various operation scenarios.

Proposed activities:
* Literature survey and study earning knowledge on state-of-the-art.
* Deep understanding of data center models
* MATLAB programing and use of MATLAB Designer for the data center models
* MATLAB /MATLAB Designer simulations for operation scenarios
* Verify results from the developed models with available data
* Master thesis project report and presentation

Send in your CV and academic transcripts and cover letter to Ning Xiong, ning.xiong@mdh.se and Dr. Xiaojing Zhang, ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, xiaojing.zhang@se.abb.com, tel. +46 21 323062.
Start date: 2018-08-06
End date: 2019-01-20
Prerequisites: * Very good skill in MATLAB programming.
*  Good at physics and good at mathematic model implementation to MATLAB
* Sufficient independent study ability
* Fluent English both speaking and writing
IDT supervisors: Ning Xiong
Comments: Compensation will be offered according to ABB standard.
Company contact: ABB CRC Xiaojing Zhang (xiaojing.zhang@se.abb.com) xiaojing.zhang@se.abb.com