Title: Model-level timing analysis for UML-RT capsules
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering
Level: Advanced
Description: UML-RT is a subset of UML specifically targeting modelling and development of embedded real-time systems. However, the available timing analysis mechanisms are still fairly limited considering the intended domain.

The goal of this thesis is to investigate how an application modelled in UML-RT can be analysed to establish the worst case execution time for the different activities in the system. This requires analysis of the state machines of individual capsules (the main building blocks of UML-RT applications) as well as at system level where capsules are composed into systems.

The developed analysis algorithms should be formally defined and then implemented as a plugin for an Eclipse-based UML-RT development environment.
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End date:
Prerequisites: Good understanding of theoretical aspects of computer science, including algorithm construction and discrete mathematics.

In addition, knowledge in the following areas are very valuable, although not strictly required:
- Basic knowledge in model- and component based software engineering
- Knowledge in embedded and real-time systems
- Eclipse development (in particular developing Eclipse plug-ins)
IDT supervisors: Jan Carlson