Title: Developing the First Carbon Footprint Indicator for Multi-modal Transport
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,Aeronautics,Robotics
Level: Advanced
Description: Most of vehicles used nowadays for urban commute emit different forms of pollution (GHGs, PMs and etc.) that adversely affect human health and the ecosystem. Surprisingly, majority of urban dwellers do not have a clear notion about the level of emission from their daily commute by using different modes of transport. In collaboration with XOAR Technology (an early stage startup established in Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) we have strategized an approach to bring this matter to public attention. The first stepping stone in this journey is to design an on-demand carbon footprint (CFP) engine dedicated for multimodal commute in urban areas. This engine together with other features allows us to achieve the overarching goal which is promoting the environmental friendly ways of transport within urban areas.
On general level, the aim in this project would be to gather data from available online databases, design architecture of data lake to accommodate all modes of transports in Stockholm and other cities and develop the engine to calculate the carbon footprint of any multimodal trip. Further information can be shared with candidates interested in an in-person session.
As XOAR Technology venture is built upon collaborative venture design concept, successful student at the end of this project have a possibility to be one of the shareholders, considering the level of achievement and value creation.
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End date:
IDT supervisors: Lars-Olof Gustafsson
Examiner: Masoud Daneshtalab
Company contact: XOAR Ramin Imani imani@xoar.technology