Title: Development of the First of its Kind Public Transport Crowdedness Indicator
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,Aeronautics,Computer network engineering,Robotics
Level: Advanced
Description: Public transport systems in most of metropolitan cities across the globe are undoubtedly the main mass mode of transport. However, one of the source of discomfort is their crowdedness. As a user you would not know whether you can find a spot (seat/standing space) unless you show up to the platform. Imagine waiting for a bus with your kid in strolley and once you want to onboard there is no space for the strolley. Do you think now providing such information in advance can bring value for the end users?

At the moment, there is no tool that allows riders to check this in advance with a more certainty. In collaboration with XOAR Technology (an early stage startup established in Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) we are going to develop an engine that gathers all the available data (sensor data, images, …) from all modes of transports and interpret and then present them in an understandable form to the public transport users. Further information can be shared with candidates interested in an in-person offline session.

As XOAR Technology venture is built upon collaborative venture design concept, successful student at the end of this project have a possibility to be one of the shareholders, considering the level of achievement and value creation level.
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End date:
IDT supervisors: Lars-Olof Gustafsson
Examiner: Masoud Daneshtalab
Company contact: XOAR Ramin Imani imani@xoar.technology