Title: Networked Embedded System Simulation Evaluations
Level: Basic/Advanced
Description: Traditionally, industrial automation systems are isolated to the plant, thus the whole automation system runs on local hardware, e.g., instruments, actuators, i/o, controllers, servers, operator workplaces.
The new digitalization trend with buzz words like IoT and 5G is pushing for increased connectivity to the Internet and is expected to have a huge impact on industrial automation systems due to the possibility to leverage on the technical possibilities provided by the cloud suppliers.
A lot of the development effort in industry is done on real embedded systems arranged as networked testbeds. However, evaluating larger and wireless networks like WiFi and 5G is challenging.

This master thesis focusses on evaluating simulators able to run the real industrial target system source code in a realistic industrial network scenario. This work can be divided into the following parts:
• State of the art on Instruction Set Simulators
• Defining, implementing and validating performance measurement
• Conducting experiments
• Analysis of the results

The first part is more theoretical and focuses on finding simulators able to run real target system code (e.g., Instruction Set Simulators) and determining what and how to measure the network and device performance. This includes investigating state-of-the-art on simulators and how performance can be measured, as well as how the results should be interpreted.
The second part focuses on implementing and analyzing the ideas described in the first part.
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IDT supervisors: Ali Balador
Company contact: RISE SICS Västerås Niclas Ericsson niclas.ericsson@ri.se