Title: Identifying gaps in the Time Sensitive Networking Research Topics
Subject: Software engineering,Embedded systems
Level: Advanced
Description: Distributed embedded real-time systems are nowadays found in many applications, for example, in the automotive and automation industries. On the one had, these systems have timing constrains on the propagation of data. On the other hand, the requirement on the amount of data processed and exchanged by these systems is increasing day by day. In order to deal with the mentioned requirements, Ethernet-based solutions are being considered due to the high bandwidth support. In this regard, the Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) task group, which is part of the IEEE 802.1 standardization process, is working on many projects to deliver solutions according to the demands. As part of the IEEE standard, IEEE 802.1Q provides forwarding and queuing technologies for the messages transmitted through a switched Ethernet network. Many works have recently investigated different aspects of TSN, including scheduling policies [1] and applicability of using TSN for vehicular onboard communication [2],[3]. However, there is no clear view on the state of the research in these topics and the gaps. This thesis aims at investigating systematically what has been done so far in the literature about TSN related topics and analysing the research gaps. The student is expected to identify criteria for the investigation, systematically browse the research in TSN, and analyse the results and reasons in missing topics. The steps towards this goal are as follows:

1- Identify the criteria in TSN related research topics
2- Systematically investigate the status of the state of the art
3- Analyse the results, identify the gaps and draw conclusions
4- Write the thesis report.

[1] S. Kehrer et al., A comparison of fault-tolerance concepts for IEEE 802.1 time sensitive networks (TSN), in the
IEEE Emerging Technology and Factory Automation, Sep. 2014.

[2] S. Brunner, J. Roder, M. Kucera and T. Waas, "Automotive E/E-architecture enhancements by usage of ethernet
TSN," 2017 13th Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems, 2017.

[3] M. H. Farzaneh and A. Knoll, "Time-sensitive networking (TSN): An experimental setup," IEEE Vehicular
Networking Conference, 2017.
Start date: 2018-01-11
End date: 2019-06-12
IDT supervisors: Mohammad Ashjaei
Examiner: Saad Mubeen