Title: Impact of using cloud-based SDN controllers on the network performance
Subject: Computer network engineering
Level: Basic
Description: Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a key enabler to decrease the complexity of network management. SDN allows networks to employ a unified control plane in order to manage the network devices in a centralized manner. The control platform, known as the SDN controller, coordinates the traffic forwarding by applying forwarding rules to the network devices, remotely. The complexity of network management can be further decreased by applying network virtualization together with SDN. Network virtualization is a technique in which a physical network is partitioned into several virtual networks, known as slices, and each slice is controlled by an SDN controller. In this architecture, the SDN controllers can be connected closely to the network devices, or they can remotely administrate the network from the cloud. There might be impacts on the performance of the networks in the way the controllers are used as well as the characteristics of the cloud. In this thesis, students are expected to build such networks and investigate the effects of i) using SDN controllers in the cloud, ii) using different cloud service providers. The steps towards reaching the goals are as follows:

1- Study the concept of SDN controllers and network virtualization
2- Build a network using SDN controllers and virtualization, where the SDN controllers are installed in the cloud
3- Identify a set of performance metrics and perform measurements
4- Draw conclusions and write a thesis report
Start date: 2018-01-11
End date:
IDT supervisors: Mohammad Ashjaei, Svetlana Girs
Comments: The thesis is possible for 2 students.