Title: Remote monitoring of physiological parameters using facial images
Subject: Computer science
Level: Advanced
Description: Remote health monitoring is an important topic by the research community and growing so fast. In future or even in present time it is important to monitor health status remotely due to shortage of doctor and other resources. This remote monitoring is one of the part and parcel in the concept of Smart hospital . Here, a patient can sit in front of a camera at his/her home and doctor can see his/her physiological parameters and other health status from a distance place based on AI based applications [1]. Both the uploading and downloading activities can be conducted in a local computer but these activities can be done using e.g., Wired/Wireless, VSAT, GPS connection and similarly it can be displayed in e.g., mobile phone, laptop, ipad or any other display using any of the above connection. However, in larger context, cloud computing technology is much better.

In this projects you have to develop a remote video communication API (such as skype) for two ways video communication between doctor and patient. From doctor’s side, another system should able to detect patient’s facial image and produce physiological parameters such as Heart rate, respiration rate etc.

The project works can be subdivided as follows:
1. Develop video communication API
2. Feature extraction from facial images
3. Monitoring physiological parameters
4. Evaluation
5. Outcome
Start date: 2019-01-21
End date: 2019-06-12
IDT supervisors: Hamidur Rahman
Examiner: Mobyen Uddin Ahmed