Title: Improved testing using real and simulated systems
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems,Robotics
Level: Advanced
Description: You will be part of the test development group at ABB Robotics. We are responsible for testing of the software product RobotWare – the robot controller operating system. A part of that responsibility is executing regression test and develop test for new functionality for each release of RobotWare. Tests are carried out on everything from virtual systems to fully equipped robot systems. Another important part is research and development of new test methodologies and methods.

Improved testing using real and simulated systems
With agile development processes the requirements of faster releaser with less testing time puts new demands on the automatic and daily testing efforts. To guarantee quality, in this work especially related to the motion performance, automatic tests using controller HW and robots, needs to be combined with virtual system tests realized in SW using simulated robots. This thesis project will consider different aspects on the tests to find a trade-off between different test types to optimize coverage and effectiveness of the tests. Some aspects are best tested with controller HW and robot while other aspects are better tested in a simulated environment and this can be investigated. Selection of test output to best analyze the result is another aspect that could be studied.

Master degree student with orientation toward embedded software development, preferably with fundamental knowledge of some signal processing and/or control. Knowledge of C# is required. The work will be done at ABB Robotics in Västerås.

Thesis details at https://new.abb.com/jobs/details/SE66596081_E1
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IDT supervisors: Alessandro Papadopoulos, Eduard Paul Enoiu
Examiner: Daniel Sundmark
Company contact: ABB Robotics Anders Allborg anders.allborg@se.abb.com