Title: Automatic validation of SysML models
Subject: Software engineering
Level: Advanced
Description: SysML, being a general purpose language, allows for a lot of flexibility in the way a system is modelled but to a system developer this flexibility is sometimes a problem rather than a benefit. For example, two ports can be connected even if there is no match with respect to direction or type.

The goal of this thesis is to first decide which validity costraints would be most useful for a given usage of the language, then formulate them in a constraint language such as OCL, and finally implement them as automatic checks in Eclipse.
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End date:
Prerequisites: Knowledge of model-based development is needed, including basic meta-modeling. Some experience in meta-modeling and Eclipse development is useful.
IDT supervisors: Jan Carlson, Federico Ciccozzi, Antonio Cicchetti, Robbert Jongeling
Company contact: Possibly some collaboration with Saab