Title: Extending Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with security constructs
Subject: Embedded systems, Software engineering
Level: Advanced, Basic
Description: With development of cloud computing a new ways for easy, on-demand, Internet-based access to computing resources have emerged. Such an infrastructure enables immediate services provision, provided that there is a network access and client-provider interaction. Service Level Agreements(SLAs) represent contractual agreements between service providers and their users. Given SLAs, service users are able to establish trust in that the service outcome is what they have demanded during the ser-vice negotiation process. However, SLAs provide a limited support outside of basic quality of service parameters, especially when it comes to security.
We have recognized security as an important factor to be included in SLAs that can sometimes be seen as a difficult task to be done as security is dynamic by its nature and to maintain its acceptable security level, frequent updates/renegotiations might be required.
In this thesis we aim to:
• investigate existing SLA languages by doing a survey;
• incorporate security into the suitable language (determined based on the facts collected in the survey) by formalizing security aspect within the syntax and semantic of the language;
• extend existing tool to support formalized security constructs.
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End date:
Prerequisites: Knowledge in embedded systems
IDT supervisors: Mohammad Ashjaei, Elena Lisova
Examiner: Aida Causevic
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