Title: An Autonomous Software Application on a Heterogeneous System Architecture Platform for Autonomous Wheel Loaders
Subject: Embedded systems
Level: Advanced
Description: A strong trend of autonomous vehicles is spreading to consumers as well as industrial vehicles such as autonomous construction equipment vehicles. Volvo Construction Equipment is interested in investigating a prototype of autonomous software applications on a Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) platforms for Autonomous Wheel Loaders (AWLs). The challenges of this thesis are as follows:
- A prototype implementation of an autonomous software application on an HSA platform
- A comparison study of an autonomous application between an HSA and traditional multi-core platforms using real-time and high-performance computing properties.
Start date:
End date:
IDT supervisors: Nandinbaatar Tsog
Examiner: Saad Mubeen (maybe)
Company contact: Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE)