Title: Model transformation between system architecture modelling languages
Subject: Software engineering
Level: Advanced
Description: When a company wants to add and/or change the modelling languages used during the design and development of systems and software, they face many challenges. One challenge is how to handle the legacy models defined by means of the old set of languages and to efficiently reuse them in the development of new systems, to avoid unnecessary manual remodeling and undesired inconsistencies.

This thesis focuses on the translation of system models in EAST-ADL into SysML models. The work includes: i) identifying similarities and differences between the two languages; ii) finding ways to manage the differences by proposing SysML modelling patterns matching common EAST-ADL patterns that are not straightforward to translate; iii) defining a model transformation and implementing it in a prototype tool; iv) evaluating the method on an industrial case.
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Prerequisites: Model-based development (including meta-modelling and model transformations). Knowledge of SysML and/or EAST-ADL is a benefit.
IDT supervisors: Antonio Cicchetti and Jan Carlson
Company contact: In collaboration with Volvo Construction Equipment.